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  1. correction, it is showing ...
  2. Okay. Here's the plan. Thanks! George I created my signature, not sure why it's not showing. I checked the box??? sample
  3. Hi All, Any idea why a half wall wouldn't generate in elevations or perspectives. The layer is set to display, height is set a 42". baseboard appears. i'm at a loss??? thanks George X10
  4. Hi All, Working in x9, how does one specify unequal sash, or cottage style windows? thanks, George
  5. good point on the All On Layer Set ... I had some items off but still not the solution on this one. I had not framed it and automatic generate deck framing was turned off, that fixed it, thanks!
  6. I can't believe I'm asking this because it must be something obvious that I'm not seeing ... My deck is not showing. If I define the room as a bedroom, for instance, it appears with that default floor, but defined as a deck it disappears. I tried drawing a deck off the other side of the home to test, and same deal, no deck showing. The room is 'closed' since I can select it. Even with 'all on set' layer, nothing. Thanks, George X9
  7. Hello, Is there a way to import an entire structure into and existing plan? I would like to import a detached barn structure into a plan that is already drawn. Thanks, George X9
  8. Hi All, Is it possible to re-define, or classify a door, for instance, so that it appears on the window schedule, rather than the door schedule? Thanks, George X9
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not sure my question was posed clearly. My hope was to be able to take an existing plan and 'place' it into my profile plan without over-writing the properties of my profile ... essentially using all my Profile set preferences and layers for the already drawn plan. In the meantime I've simple updated what preference are most important and added the layers I needed to the existing plan and have moved on. Thanks and have a wonderful Holiday Season! Skip.
  10. Hi, I have an X9 plan drawn. I would like to export it and then import it into my new Profile Plan, is this possible and if so, how? I've tried what I thought were the obvious solution but seem to be only importing CAD lines ... Thanks, Skip X9
  11. Hi All, How do you create wall framing elevations??? I've done it before but cannot remember how! George X9
  12. Hi, Working in X9. Is there way to define a wall material for a room, and then remove that material from one of the walls? In my example, I have added bead board wainscot to a bathroom, but do not want the bead board on the glass shower wall. If I designate the shower wall as 'no room definition, then the bead board would then be inside the shower, so that doesn't work. Also, I'll want to add tile to the shower wall w/out it being on the glass. Any thoughts/suggestions? thanks, Skip
  13. You're right, counters do have their own layer. I meant to ask if there is a way to turn off the cabinet layer while leaving counters visible. I'm not sure why the counter turn off even if their layer is left on???? It's a mystery. thanks. Skip
  14. Hi All, working in x9. Is there a way to put countertops on a layer separate from cabinets? I realize custom counters have their own layer but would like auto counters to have their own layer as well. thanks, Skip
  15. Here's the plan file, thanks. Skip X8 Herwig 6.3.plan
  16. Hi All, I can't figure this one out. The deck blocking is visible on the exterior side of the band joist. Ironically there is no blocking w/in the deck framing so I'm not sure why it's there in the 1st place. I'd like to eliminate it. Suggestions? I've attached a file but I'm not sure it's in a usable format, let me know if not. thanks, Skip X8
  17. group select the windows and click the 'make mulled unit' button at the bottom menu.
  18. Is it possible to have different OC spacing in a floor system. ie - 16" O.C in one section and 12" O.C. in another. I'm sure I can do this manually but can it be done automatically??? thanks, Skip X8
  19. As I understand, unlike other parts of the country here in the North East we often using 1x3 strapping, or furring attached to the underside of the ceiling joists (or floor joists) to which we attach the gypsum ceiling. Typically I specify my ceiling thickness as 1 1/4" to account for this; however I just noticed in X8 that my strapping is actually appearing in the framing! This is great accept that I can't figure out how it came up with its dimension, which is showing as 1 1/2"w x 3/4"thick. It should be 2 1/4" wide. I can live w/ that though. HOWEVER - obviously it needs to run perpendicular to the joists. When I first generated the framing it miraculously was perpendicular, but when I added a beam to the garage, it turned to run parallel. Any suggestions on how to correct? Plan attached. thanks, George X8 Herwig 6.3.plan
  20. Hi All, I've really taken a liking to the options with camera views, particularly the water color with the overlaid lines, very 'artsy' look. Question - is there a good way to do this in plan view when sending to layout? Any creative tricks up your sleeves??? thanks, Skip, X7
  21. Hi All, Does anyone have any suggestions on how to produce the box out window as shown in the attached pic. The overall model of the house is complete; I'm pretty proficient with roofs, etc. It's the box window that always gets me. Any suggestions? thanks. George, X6