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  1. Keifuz

    X10 roof line editing

    Any further replies? I have latest update & still happening constantly. Big pain.
  2. Keifuz

    X10 roof line editing

    This junk right here is driving me crazy. Roof line breaks just appearing out of nowhere & almost impossible to get rid of them.
  3. Keifuz

    X10 roof line editing

    This is something that's started after upgrading to X10. Working with roof lines, line breaks are appearing on their own making it very difficult to join plane using #2 button. And before, line breaks would automatically disappear when you straightened a line, now they don't. I can't find a setting that determines this behavior. Thanks
  4. Keifuz

    X9 dwg import crash

    Anyone else having problems importing DWG files into plan? I'm getting locked up software I have to force quit (Windows 10) Actually, I'm exporting elevation views from Orthographic Full Overview & then importing them back onto a level of .plan file - Had no issues doing this in X8