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  1. Very nice renderings.

    Just wondering if you wouldn't mind identifying the rendering program being utilized in order to avoid a casual forum viewer from construing that these were done using CA's built-in renderer.

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  2. 44 minutes ago, Cheryl_C_Crane said:

    Very Nice, Graham

    Thanks Cheryl,

    On this CA PBR I just used the Windows Photo App to punch up the colors and adjust the shadows and highlights.

    Here's another version, the contrast has been reduced, shadows increased and a bit of vignette added.



  3. Appreciate your comment. This is an interesting project as it involves a significant remodel, including additions on a 120 year old property in the UK. I will be posting additional scenes in the near future.

  4. Thanks Adam - I posted this plan in the "Let's PBR" thread, page 16 I believe. You can download it and check out the lighting and PBR settings. The ceiling is mainly due to the sun and the three pendants. If I recall I also added a very small amount of emissive to the ceiling.

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