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    51 minutes ago, Kriska said:

    Great images.... I know this is an older thread but can you tell me what your Ray Trace settings are for the kitchens? I'm struggling with the time frame ( 1 pass = 10 minutes) & I know this isn't normal. I've tried using a 72 standard resolution with a 11"x7" and still I'm dragging. Simple kitchen. Nothing crazy. 

    I've resorted to using only physically based images since ray tracing is unbearably slow & unproductive!

    Thanks, but all of those renderings are done using CA's physical based rendering feature, not Raytrace. There are many things that can result in long raytrace times. How powerful your computer is, image size, number of lights, photon mapping, environmental light and caustics. Best to post the plan so we can see exactly what might be going on.