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  1. Can I design trusses with 1/4"/ft. slope with two tails to become parapet walls
  2. Is there a simple work flow chart available or can someone put together...on paper, one that explains the process of building a plan set that starts with something like (not including setting defaults) 1. all floor plans start... here, 2 all remodels start... here. drawings depicting details start, or are generated from etc. If you dont start "here", you cant get to ..."there". "Layout sets" and "layouts have to be created because of "this" and should be created at "this point" in the process or your "drawings" are all screwed up, you can't add or change anything on this sheet because you are in the wrong universe...., etc. There are a lot of great videos but they all assume that we are all on the same logic plane. I have not watched all the videos because I cant get comfortable with creating basic plans, let alone embelish them with all the great abilites available. Thanks.
  3. Looking for someone in the Santa Fe, NM area. I need help with parapet walls, Nearly flat roofs, canales, etc.