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  1. Look in the hallway where the revision balloon is. My fix was to create a plinth block and make it thick enough to cover the base molding. If you delete the plinth block, it should become clear what my issue is. The openings are cased leading down the hallway with plinth blocks. Not only does the plinth not show, but the base board heads down the hallway and turns 90 deg onto the cased opening where the plinth is. I would have to create a molding polyline and remove the molding from the polyline edge. It's more work and if the wall moves, I have to manually change the molding polyline. blume floor
  2. I haven't placed the plinth block yet. The picture shows the baseboard not stopping at the casing, turning 90deg and overlaying. I would like the base to stop at the casing automatically so I don't have to create a room molding polyline and remove the molding on the line edge. I have the plinth block option toggled, but noticed it doesn't display in the camera view.
  3. The home I am working on has many cased opening with plinth blocks not to mention all the doors. Is there a way to stop the baseboard from turning the corner and overlaying the casing and adding a plinth block without doing this manually? See the attached sketch.
  4. I am working on a historic home with leaded glass in all the windows, is there a way to change the material on the lites only? When I change the grills or lites, the entire window color changes also. Thanks, Tom