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  1. While rotating my overview, the shingles become transparent or disappear. How do I stop this from happening? I did try to increase the surface thickness, but that doesn't seem to help. Stumped
  2. I added an interior wall section, which seemed to help with the connection. Thanks!!
  3. I am trying to connect an interior wall with an exterior wall. The main exterior wall thins down in the center, so I had to add another wall in the center that was thinner. Now when I try to move the interior wall towards the exterior, it tries to connect and create a corner with the thicker wall type. How do I stop the walls from connecting? See the attached sketch. Thanks all, Tom
  4. Love the site, thanks Mark!
  5. I am working with a client that has a 7' carved giraffe which needs to be incorporated into a built-in cabinet. I would like to place a giraffe in the 3d design and was wondering if anyone happens to have a symbol? Clients sure make the design process interesting!! Thanks all, Tom
  6. OH, and thank you MarkMc for your kind offer!
  7. The elevation views will be put into a drop box for the installer to grab and print off on 8 1/2 x 11" to scale since this is a common printer size. Each sheet could be printed and carried into the room which the tile is being installed. I just wished I would have know before I setup the drawing sheets. I also believed there would be a way to print an area of the drawing like I have in AutoCAD. Chief needs to work on this printing issue!!
  8. Correct, I don't want to re-create the callouts.
  9. Wow, so many great ideas. I am in the middle of getting out a drawing package and will respond tomorrow on all the great responses.
  10. I have set up my drawing sheet with all specification callouts on the layout for ease of organization. I have just been asked to print off sections of the drawing to fit on 8 1/2 x 11" sheet size to scale. Is there a way to select an area on a drawing sheet and print this to scale? In autocad I would window around the area on the drawing sheet and print full scale. Otherwise any thoughts on how to print each elevation on this drawing sheet full size to fit on a letter size with all specifications? Thanks, Tom
  11. Great idea Graham, it worked perfectly! Thanks Dennis for your option too!
  12. I used the latest feature splitting the upper cabinet into two different door styles. This works great, but I can't figure out how to get the handle to show on the lower door front? Is there a way to show the hardware for all cabinet doors? I had to make the lower portion a door panel since the other options are right or left opening. This door panel would open from the bottom. Thanks, Tom
  13. I have attached the ray trace view and it still is way off to the Benjamin Moore color.
  14. I am starting on a new project and wanted the exterior wall color to be Benjamin Moore HC-81 Manchester TAN. The color I see on the screen is more gray than tan. Is this the fault of the graphic driver? Not sure how to fix this issue. I am using Chief X6, soon to be X7 with Nvidia Geforce GT650m & intel HD Graphics 4000. Everything else looks great even my pictures, so I was wondering if this is something in the Chief Software or a setting I may need to change. Thanks in advance. Tom
  15. David, Did you find a company to convert your drawings to Chief? I have X6 and would be glad to quote. Tom Atkinson Brush Park Studio
  16. Thank you for the door symbol. I am getting the same results with your symbol that I was getting from the one I created. I changed the opening sections and still haven't figured out what is going on. Here is what your door symbol looks like after working with the opening options.
  17. Not sure how to specify the fixed and opening sections in the symbol. Should the glass sidelights be created separately, or as part of the doorway symbol?
  18. I have to add this front door entry and would like to get some ideas from other users (see attached). I thought I could use wrapped openings, or Doors & doorways / Entryways but there is nothing similar to the design. How would others approach this custom front door design? Thanks!
  19. Much better, thank you for your help!
  20. two lamps and one ceiling light. I will add more.....
  21. I have 40 passes on the attached ray trace at interior hi quality, why does the ceiling look gray? I used the same color that is on all the trim and most of the trim color looks white.......My system is a dell running windows 8.1, processer: Intel®corei7-3630qm cpu @2.40 GHz memory 8.00 GB
  22. I just updated my chief architect software and I received a message that my key wasn't valid in this state. Has anyone else had this issue? I lost my icon on my desk top and it has been removed from my computer. I need to get a drawing out in the morning and are unable to access my chief x6.... Not sure what to do????
  23. I figured this would be the fix, but I didn't want to manually make that change. Thanks for your input!