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  1. Ah, a symbol is a good idea! Unfortunately this is what I ended up with. Might try to play with it. I'd still like to multiple copy point to point however
  2. I do have hot keys assigned; basically do a copy in place (c), move point to point (m), but I have to click for every move. Rather click and just slap slap slap 'em into place (ala Autocad basically). I have a lintel like this: and I didn't think I could emulate that in the dbx.
  3. I've tried looking for this; I'd like to copy an item multiple times, but using a selection point away from the object. If I select the object, click copy, click Sticky Mode, then Point to Point Move, I can get the first item to copy as I want it. Subsequent copies default to the center of the copied object (and therefore the insertion point is changed). Am I missing a command stroke here? I don't want to array or offset as the insertion points are random. (Example: I have multiple windows and a polyline solid, custom lintel I need to attach to each window. The object is the lintel, the selection point is the midpoint of the windows). Thanks, all.
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  6. Sorry about that test.plan
  7. I've searched but the answer still fails me: when I put a door into my screened porch, it shows up the way it should... in 3d only. In 2d I just get the opening unless I click on it. Any ideas?
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  9. Thanks, Eric. I was getting a couple of rooms that ran out the decimal pretty far so I added 'TOTAL SF - ' + internal_area.to_s + "\n" + 'DLO REQ\'D - ' + (internal_area.to_f * 0.08).round(2).to_s + " sf"+ "\n" + 'VENT REQ\'D - ' + (internal_area.to_f * 0.04).round(2).to_s + " sf" Because it has to "live" in the Room Label, I'll just modify the way I label the rooms. This will at least save me from having to do that part manually! Thanks again! Irrelevant, but I did use to use lisp in AutoCAD a lot, wrote/modified a ton of php, dabbled in mysql, but Ruby defies me. Not to mention my job here keeps me drawing instead of doing "fun" stuff! I'd love to be able to modify CA more than I can!
  10. I'm inexperienced with macros and such, so any help is welcomed. I've wanted a way for the daylight/vent to be incorporated, but I'd be happy with just some math to be done in a text box. I'm sure some of you have seen my requests. Could someone help me get this done? I got an email a long time ago from someone but don't know what I did with it, or if I understood it anyway. It's probably uber-easy... TOTAL SF - %room.area.internal% DLO REQ'D - %room.area.internal% (times) .08 VENT REQ'D - %room.area.internal% (times) .04 I can just copy this text into a room and VIOLA! I get my answers. That's my dreeeeaaaaam.
  11. What would be a great feature (IMO) would be a checkbox in the Terrain DBX that you could select what floor you want to use. So regardless of what floor the terrain is on, you click "Hide terrain intersected by: Floor 0, Floor 1, etc"
  12. For 3d I usually use a fixed window and change the glas material to a custom siding. That gives you the appearance of shadow lines and such.
  13. Sorry, moved that to suggestions...
  14. Hmmm, not sure where this ranks on the easy scale. I make the symbol (text, lines) and create the Cad block, then add it to the library. Then I go to Toolbar Customization, select "Place Library Object" and drag that to my new toolbar. After I drag as many as I need, I close the Toolbar Customization, then click the new button. The Library Object Button Specification window pops up, I click the library button to select the object I need which populates the image, and I have my toolbar. Not sure if I added info that you already know.