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  1. I think it would be awesome if all the Vancouver users have a group.
  2. Just one final problem and it will be done. I need to somehow overlap these 2 panels enough so they connect. I will try to figure it out tonight. Did improved the model for the bracket though. The corners are coming together.
  3. I tried to make this railing. Straight railing works fine, but I can't figure out the corners (I didn't find any option to assign something separate to the corner) and am unable to save a rail panel with lighting. I have all the parts and materials in the folder. You can try building it by yourself. There is one panel with lights in the parts folder, which is an electrical symbol. If anyone knows how can we add specific corners to the railing? It would be great to learn. Plus is there any way to attach lights to the railing? Maybe @Renerabbitt can work something out. Everyone feel free to use the symbol. The final one is the crystal rail, you can draw it as a railing. Crystal Rail By Arman Chahal X15.calibz