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  1. Would like to outsource completing this plan. I only need the exterior done. Will be creating some renderings. Do not need the interior. Need it soon, thanks. If you can do the terrain drop at the back, even better. LIQUID LIFE
  2. Looking for this as well. Thanks @JLDrafting for that idea.
  3. Eric, Yes! Very much more comfortable with CAD. Keyboard shortcuts, custom commands, etc. Clearly doing it in Chief is the way to go the 1st time around... Thanks for the detailed help!! Rpbadge, yes, that is exactly what I was trying to do thank you for you much needed help!
  4. Ok, so I have been toiling with this for over an hour. I don't know what keeps happening. Is there something wrong with the import? I feel like these lines are not closed and its not creating an enclosed shape to make an extruded shape from. column_trial.plan bracket_trial.plan
  5. Thanks everyone! Getting back around to this bracket... CAD is easy to handle on this, now the fun part with CA. augusta column.dwg augusta bracket.dwg
  6. Hello, I am looking for a good tutorial video on how to create custom corbels and brackets. I know I have seen some of the videos but after an hour of searching, I cannot re-locate them. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
  7. GMcGee

    Check Render 3.jpg

    Love this! How long does this render take?...
  8. I like the scale of the door schedule on the layout sheet on the attached image but it extends off the page. Is there a way to bring a second segment of the remaining 6 doors up in a second table? So it's continued without changed the scale.
  9. Perfect, I got it to work. Thanks!
  10. FWIW, i closed out everything and closed CA and redid my rendering.... works now. For the next person, FYI.... Have you tried restart yet?...
  11. Ok, I don't know what buttons have been check and not checked to make this not show up. The backdrop image nor simulated sky show up in my renderings. Getting exceptionally frustrating to deal with. Any help on this is appreciated. Not the best at 3D renderings yet. How many passes until the backdrop shows up, should it be after the 1st... TIA! Camera View Ray Trace
  12. Is there a way to align a series of interior wall elevations at the same point/floor? It's difficult to tell from this photo, but the floor location of these two elevations are slightly off. I've tried drawing a line across the entire sheet so I can align 4 or more along the row, but they snap to just above or below the line of the first elevation. Grid Snaps is off.
  13. Is there a way to break dimension lines (similar to autocad) to show a space where the dimensions lines overlap to clean up the floor plan layout?
  14. New to Cheif and I apologize for the ignorance. Which specs do I open to select Plot Lines? I don't see Live View or Plot Lines listed in the Rendering Techniques Options.
  15. I've inadvertently deleted an elevation camera that matches the remaining three exterior elevations in terms of how it's rendered. The render technique "Vector View" is selected in the Tool Palette for 3 elevations and is the look I need for the sheet layout: This is what the problem elevation looks like with Vector View selected: Technical Illustration seems to be a better match but when placed on the layout it still doesn't match the other 3 elevations:
  16. Thanks. So I cleared the terrain, cut the terrain lines and re-built. Still getting some weird edge effects. Any further thoughts?
  17. Hello, I am putting in an elevation region over contour lines I have put in the site. When I add the elevation region, CA adds new contour lines around my elevation region. Does anyone have any suggestion on why this is doing this and how to fix? For context, the triangle is the building setback area, which we want to make level for the structures. After Before DAVIS.plan
  18. FYI. I solved my own problem. Deleted the auto built. Made sure my structure was set to have the ceiling layer set to framing. Re-autobilt it and voila! I figured the auto-build we re-update. It did not.
  19. Hello, Anyone have any good tips / solutions for showing a dropped ceiling plan? I have a 12ft framed structure. Structure built to accommodate desired roof plan, want to drop ceilings in west wing of the house to 10ft. Did this in the structure tab using an insulation airgap and then built a framing layer. Auto-Built the framing, made my ceiling height at 12ft. I obviously don't need 2 sets of framing either as shown in the structure tab. Thanks! I did actually get this to work in the foyer in this plan. Not working on the rest of the house... WEST_roof_gm_2023_04_25_from archive, framing
  20. Can anyone provide some help on why I have differing exterior wall heights? This is causing notches in my gable end wall. The Hip Walls look fine. I can manually edit the walls and pull them up to fix it, but I feel like there is a setting here that we are a missing.
  21. Holy smokes, thanks. Soo much better! Now, time to go fix some dims. This forum is great!
  22. WEST.zipGenius. Thanks!!!! Plan uploaded. Still having problems with the doors and windows. However, I am making it work. I have a weird notch issue going on where the roof meets the wall. Need to research that a little further...but if anyone happens to be looking in my plan, much appreciated help on that too..
  23. Thanks, I will check that. any suggestions on how to downsize the plansize? I cant get it under the 14mb limit on a posting.