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  1. Hi David, Thank you for quick respond. Can we discuss via email? My email address is Thsnk you! Johnny Ho
  2. Hi everyone, I am a beginner/intermediate level that currently have Chief Architect Premier 10x and I am willing to upgrade to the newest version if needed. I have a project that is currently complete rough inspection and about to be done with plaster. I have an architect company designed the plan for us. Now I want to put it in Chief Architect so I can learn more, plus I can pre-design the interior for next step of construction and using 3D and walkthrough video for marketing purposes. Unfortunately this is to complicated for me. I am seeking for someone to tutor
  3. Firstival, I am sorry if this topic is in the wrong place. I am new with Chief Architect and bought the software last year and rarely use (learn) it. I am thinking of purchasing Surface Pro (I5 cause I7 is not available with LTE option). Has anyone used Chief Architect with the new Surface Pro and will it get support by Chief Architect? Thanks in advance. Johnny Ho
  4. Thanks Doug. I have X9 and follow the instruction very close. I noticed the eave on the right side came out longer after I build the roof. I will follow your instruction to fix it (for the purpose of the learning). Thanks for your help. Johnny
  5. Hi all, I am new with Chief Architect and just start out training with the Chic Cottage Project and I am stuck with Part 10. The roof didn't come out right and I spent a lot of hours trying to go back with the video several times and still couldn't find out what did I do wrong. I am attaching the plan and hope someone can help me to point out my mistake. Thanks in advance! Johnny Chi Cottage-Current.plan