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  1. sdsinc

    Measurement "exterior dimension" not correct

    I have had this problem before and its always the housewrap layer.
  2. Looking to expand my small design business with someone who can provide accurate field measuring and basic chief architect experience to create accurate as-built models. Additional experience to provide basic layouts and renderings would also be great. Not full time - more on a freelance/hourly basis. Please email me with your experience and requirements. Thanks, Rich Southport Design
  3. sdsinc

    Deck wall type confusion

    In this case I do wind up drawing the outer deck line in manually - but there must be some sort of graphical issue as to why the wall layers do not all show? And if you look closely there are small lines at the corners on the interior - so this is something weird. Kind of hoping the guys at CA will see this and say "hey, why DOES it do that?"
  4. sdsinc

    Deck wall type confusion

    I have a continuing problem trying to get the wall type for decks and railings to cooperate when I use columns. The problem always is that I can't get the plan and render views to work together. In the attached is closest I can get them to work but as you can see still not 100%. The scenario is I want the railings to set in enough from the edge of the deck so when I place a column it sits properly ON the deck (not hanging over) and secondly that the railing will intersect the center of the column. I have tried adding just an exterior layer which does work but it forces the railing to center on the whole assembly (not the main layer) and so looks incorrect in plan. In the attached, I added both an interior layer AND an exterior layer which sort of works - it centers the balusters between the lines (nice) but for whatever reason it will not show the outer line (I drew it in RED to highlight where it should be). The frustrating thing is that with this wall type the columns work great, the rendering works great, and the deck frames properly - but I cannot get it to show the outside deck edge. Any thoughts?
  5. Can someone please help me with this. I cannot figure out why the second view has such a large callout and the first view is normal sized. Both views use the same text sizes and callout sizes. Both views are set to show the callout as "automatic" but even when I uncheck auto and enter my own size the TEXT stays huge. I have changed both "CALLOUT" text standards in the preferences menu as well as the "CALLOUT" defaults in the annotation sets. What am I missing?
  6. sdsinc

    Why is X6 so slow?

    I think I see in the right click menu where it says "run as administrator". This is not how I start the program - I start it normally by clicking the icon. I am posting the plan since that always seems to be a good idea. Maybe I have something flubbed. ** Edit ** A couple of observations. When I start the program, open the file, and go directly to manipulating roofs it seems to work like it should. However, once I generate a 3D view or move a wall or do any other function that is when the sudden slowdown occurs. This is the same condition on both machines - so my feeble minded conclusion is either I have something in the file that's messed up or maybe something in the way I have CA configured? I read an earlier post about slow responses with roof editing - is that what I am experiencing? CA
  7. sdsinc

    Why is X6 so slow?

    Joe - thanks for the reply. Both my machines say I am an administrator (under user accounts). Is that what you mean?
  8. sdsinc

    Why is X6 so slow?

    I thought this best to post here - I am experiencing slow and sluggish behavior on a new machine that was just built. I can't figure out why and what is going on but when working THE SAME plan on my laptop it screams but on my new desktop there is a noticeable delay - for instance when working with roof planes and trying to connect them in either plan or 3D It takes less than 2 seconds on the laptop to join two roofplanes and almost four seconds on the new machine. Each running the exact same version of the software and again working with the exact same plan. Laptop - I7 3720QM - 2.60 (WEI 5.4) w/14MB ram, standard SATA drives, Nvidia GTX 675M Desktop - I7 4770k - 3.50 (WEI 7.7) w/16MB ram, Kingston 256G SSD, Nvidia GTX 770 What gives? Any suggestions on what to check?
  9. sdsinc

    New Desktop???

    I run a "classic" HP 650C and I run it using a five year old basic computer whose only purpose is to print from. So from CA I generate a PDF on my network and simply use the old dog to print. I wouldn't avoid upgrading to Win8 because it wont print. Just repurpose what you are using now.