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  1. Gene Davis, I appreciate your thoughts and is a truly good idea, if he wasn't 3.5 hours away it would make it easier. When I borrowed his computer, he said the forum has knowledgeable people that would be of great help if I ran into problems. Look like he was wrong when making that statement. Do not worry, I will not repost again on this forum. May God Bless you in your future when corresponding with new people asking for help.
  2. Golly Gee fellows. Did no mean to cause an uproar in the post. I just borrowed the laptop from a friend to use in designing a set of plans. Now I am being accused of stealing software. Thanks a lot. If this the usual manner of posts replying to questions, I think I will pass.
  3. Hi, I'm Dani and am new to the group. My wife and I borrowed a computer which contained CA x 10 with the intensions of to making prints for a new home. After a few weeks of study, the base plans are coming together but the roof structure is not. I cannot configure a doable roof structure. I have tried to attach a copy of the plan file but it states it is larger than 14 MB. Any and all help will be appreciated.