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  1. Good day, I am designing a deck around existing pool and garage. My issue is deck beams frame parallel to the garage (at an angle) and I need them to frame either horizontally or vertically. How can I change deck beams framing reference so they frame either at 0 or 90 degrees? 9362 Mountview Rd Pool Deck Iter.1.plan
  2. Further on this issue. I downloaded Kravet and tried to resize it, which turned out to be much more laborious task and much more difficult as described above. I knew I was missing something. Takeaway is (for me anyways), if furniture size needs to be modified, then core catalog items are much better and faster way to go. Thank you
  3. Hi Kate, I tried to resize the sectional and was able to do it without any issues. Went to core catalog and placed sectional in the plan. Clicked on sectional block and clicked on "Explode Architectural Block" at the bottom panel. Modified each section as desired, then marquee selected all sectional sofa items and clicked on "Make Architectural Block" at the bottom panel. The size in the camera view was updated instantly. Let us know if you can do it on your end this way.
  4. 131" is min height of that wall thats required to accommodate min opening of the shed and roll up door. I set the room height to 131". As its a shed there is no ceiling, so interior height can be to the roof.
  5. I've been finding the same behaviors where I couldn't reproduce what I did before. Almost seems like some settings cancelling each other. Thank you for the efforts! Shed room height should start at 131" at the lowest point.
  6. Hi Jason, Thank you for looking into the issues I have. I followed your replies and fixed high shed wall cutting into the roof and fixed fascia as per your suggestion. I am finding an issue with attic wall. 2x4 attic wall above 2x6 garage attic wall not generating and shed 2x4 high and low walls only frame to underside of existing eave. I looked through wall setting and not seeing any option to adjust so the 2x4 walls frame over. Is this something that i need to do manually? I would like to show framing around the eave in wall detail. I can always modify it manually in the detail cad block, I just want to know which way to go about it and if this is something chief can do.Shed Addition Plan Rev.1.1.plan See attached latest plan.
  7. Also top double plates of 2x4 walls not aligning with the roof also an issue, as you mentioned. Not sure why this is happening..
  8. Please see below for walls not aligning properly. Walls not framing around existing eave, see below picture. Problem 1. Wall did generate, but generated using framing option of 3 bottom plates (as specified by the customer for walls that sit only on the concrete floor). When I tried to frame with correct specs (single bottom plate), attic wall framing along with existing 2x6 wall below disappeared.
  9. For some reason my signature didn't fill in. Hardware: CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-10400F CPU @ 2.90GHz, 2904 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 12 Logical Processor(s) RAM: 16GB HDD: 1.Intel SSD NVMe 2.0 512 GB OS 2. Toshiba 2TB 7200RPM SATA III GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER 6GB Driver Version Software: OS: Windows 10 Chief Premier X13
  10. Good day, I am fairly new to CA X13. I've watched as many videos as time permits and have general understanding how Chief works. Floor plans, walls shells and their specs for framing generation, framing of walls, floors and roofs, roofs general framing and trusses, foundation. Been working on the project where the customer wants to add small shed to the front of the existing garage. Framing of the walls needs to go under and above existing eaves. Existing garage walls are 2x6's Shed addition walls to be 2x4's 12 OC Problem 1. I have been having issues with back attic wall (wall above existing gable side eave) not generating. I did manage to have shell generated, however I can't get framing to generate. Problem 2. I can't get walls of the shed to frame around eaves. Problem 3. Shed walls seem to not align/join properly. Problem 4. Customer wants Roll Up door to be attached to the outside, however I tried to get it to attach to the exterior nothing works. (I tried reversing walls layers button at the bottom. Also, tried reversing wall layers in wall definition) Front wall where roll up door was modified with extra framing is as per customer request. If some one can take a look at my plan and steer me in the right direction with above mentioned problems, that would be much appreciated. Thank you Shed Addition Plan Rev.1.plan