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  1. As I look at the bottom of my post, My signature IS showing up...Is it not posting?
  2. Thank you for the heads up. My Signature is active and updated. Not sure why it isn't displaying with posts when I'm logged in.
  3. I have an Issue with Chief Arch X13 not allowing multiple character hotkeys due to conflicts with the first two For Example: Line=L and Align Left=L,A will not be allowed unless Align Left replaces Line command. I had to assign "A,L" as hot key to get around. This happens across the board with any hotkeys I wish to assign 3-4 characters AND there is a conflict with a single or double character hotkey. Thank you for any assistance.
  4. I have the same issue with CA x13 using a file path for MY DOCUMENTS FOLDER linked to a Dropbox Backup folder. I have sinced turned this setting off in Dropbox...How do I change the file path to a separate folder in CA ?
  5. I am having an issue creating floor/ceiling framing for rooms on both first and second floors. I appreciate any light that can be shed on this error/Question message. I have attached a PDF of a screen shot of the message. Best Regards, Steve G. 21.1201-Build Framing Question-Platform and adjacent room.pdf
  6. Zipped reference ZIP file for review.
  7. I have difficulty troubleshooting WHY my ceilings and floor framing isn't generating when Auto Build Framing is run. I have checked all the room default settings as well as the framing default settings and all seem to be set correctly for my project (2x10 floors, 2x6 ceiling). The plan file I am working with was purchased from a Designer who worked on the house several years ago and assembled the As-Built model. That said, This is a recent situation with the framing. a week ago Auto Build Framing worked fine. What may I be overlooking? One other note: this issue appears to only happen where the Second floor exists. Main floor rooms with just attic space above, DO generate ceiling and floor framing.
  8. Found it!! The REBUILD WALLS/FLOORS AND CEILINGS tool (f12) comes on when The 3D views/ Default setting /Automatically rebuild is turned off.
  9. I recently had this Icon show up while working in a large residential project. Does anyone know what this Icon relates to and why I can't escape out of it. Thank you for the insight. Steve G.