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  1. I have three layers sets on my plan: dimensioned, furniture, kitchen and bath. Everytime when I change a layer set in my working plan, all the layers change to the one I switched to in my layout. What can I do to stop my layers from changing? I searched the chief web and tried numerous things.
  2. I have a demo plan, floor plan and electrical plan using the layer sets. When I send a particular layer set into layout, my other two layers gets updated and changed as well. For instance I sent my electrical plan to layout, so my floor plan and my demo plan changed to electrical plan. I can't seem to figure out which settings to go to turn off the automatic update to all my layers when I mess with one. I did try to check/uncheck "modify all layer sets" in my layer settings, but that didn't work.
  3. Is there a way to make the dimension lines thinner and lighter?
  4. @Chopsaw ye it looks exactly like that. I'll contact Tech see what they say. Thanks for the help.
  5. @Chopsaw no I didn't touch anything there. I didn't really mess with any settings at all. It just automatically started appearing today. Maybe I pressed some keys to make it look like this, I don't know. I am a windows user. This is my first time using chief on mac, I thought maybe thats how it shows on a mac?
  6. @ChopsawYe here's a quick one I just created. Thanks for the help sample.plan
  7. @Chopsaw Ye. I have always used nkba and never had this issue. However I am using the Chief architect interior version. Can that be the reason why its doing that? I always used premier on a windows. Now Im using interiors on a mac. And I dont know how to fix it.
  8. @Chopsaw I have my accuracy setting set to fraction of 1/16.
  9. Yes. I contacted them. No problem going back and forth between premier and interior. Currently using interior at work and premier at home with same projects. Thanks!!!!
  10. I have the primary units set to '_" but all my dimensions are shown as 15.25 in instead of 15 1/4". I am using chief architect interior x10 on a mac. I can't seem to figure out how to show it like this: 1'-15" or 15 1/4". I tried messing with the default settings but nothing seems to change it. And when I try to edit the size of the object, shape. It keeps saying measurement is invalid.
  11. I currently have chief architect premier x10. The firm that I am starting to work for has chief interiors. Will I be able to open the plans in interiors that I create in premier and vice versa? I can't find information on this matter.
  12. so what happens if I use chief architect as an 'autocad' program. Lots of projects I do, I only use cad lines because I don't do the 3D and I like it better that way. Does the anno sets work there too?
  13. @Chrisb222 yes, creating multiple separate drawings for one project. Can you please direct me to such videos?
  14. I have been using chief for a very long time, but I keep learning new things every time. When I work on a project I create multiple different plans, such as existing, proposed, construction, electrical. They all have their own layout, or I have all these four plans on one page but when I need to make changes to the proposed, I have to repeat on construction and electrical every single time and it is really annoying. My question is can I work only with one layout and have all these plans drawn on one plan, so when I make changes, it automatically updates on construction and electrical? Or does it mess up the layout like for instance if I hide the electricals for the proposed, it also hides on the 'electrical' page of the layout? In other words is there an easier way to do this?
  15. I placed this sink by accident, by itself and now I can't delete it. It doesn't select. Is there a list where I can go to to select it there or any other way? Josh_Maier_Master_Bath.plan
  16. @DavidJPotter I guess thats something to put in the suggestion box. Thanks
  17. I have x8 and I need to send a file to x7. Is there a way I can do that?
  18. how did you make the house "not floating"? Every time I put in the scenery outside "forest, roads, etc" the house always look like its floating in the air when i do camera view.
  19. Thank you @MarkMc that is also very helpful! Ill try that out as well.
  20. @DavidJames so you basically multiple copied the PL vertically and horizontally?
  21. @Rosco2017 haha ye, I want to know how thats done, it looks so cool!!
  22. OMG How'd you do that @DavidJames ? It looks exactly what I want!
  23. I am trying to create a wall like the one in the picture with glass and a grid-like frame. How can I go about doing this?