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  1. I figured the dog ears out; "exterior lintel" was checked for some reason. Think Ive got the arches now as well. Thanks so much for everyone's help!
  2. I think that whatever setting is giving me these flat dog ears at the ends of the casing, must also be making the tops of the left and right windows have to end up flat, as I can not get mine to end continuing up, it has to end level.
  3. Thanks so much! That looks somewhat simple, But when I do a double arch for the middle window it looks like a triangle, and I can't find another arch that allows me to put in radius for a full arch. I also have this odd dog ears on the trim, that must be some setting, where your casing is smooth all the way down to the outer corner
  4. Trying to create 3 separate arched windows under one arch. Unlike the inspiration photos below I don't want them mulled together, but separate like the three sets of double hungs in my elevation. Also can't figure out how to get lites in them like the photos. Can anyone send me in the direction of a training video or consultant who might help?
  5. I updated my Chief version from X12 to X13 yesterday and am having frequent crashes when I go in to make adjustments to various elements or take measurements of objects on plans that were built in X12. I'm really not very technically savvy and am quickly way over my head when trying to figure out what video card version I'm running, what I should have to run this program correctly or diagnosing anything about it. It basically just makes me extremely frustrated when I can't do my work and waste hours and hours trying to figure out something I know nothing about. I don't get any error messages, the program just closes. Can anyone recommend someone who could log on to my computer remotely to diagnose and prescribe a fix for me? X12 ran great! But can see that there are many updates that I do want to be able to use in X13. Thanks for any help that you can share. Thomas
  6. Looking for someone to develop an existing concept model in X12 into fleshed out construction schematics. Need drawing set with floor plans, elevations, building sections, foundation, first and 2nd floor framing and roof framing plan. Model needs tweaking and Developement. I own a Design Build remodeling firm in the Boston MA suburbs.