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  1. Hello guys. I am currently now having trouble of getting the floor area of each rooms in my plans. I want to ask if there is a similar way like in sketchup where you highlight the area and you can see the total area of that selected area. How will you do it here in Chief Architect?
  2. Hello guys. I made a square column in CA and I want to represent it in 2D like a box with hatch in it But I can;t put a hatch because I made my customize column using the Box Shape. from Shapes Library
  3. Hello guys. I have a problem here. I want to copy the properties and layer of one object and paste it to the other object. Is there a way like match properties in Autocad here in Chief Architect?
  4. Guys I just have this idea to import data from Google Earth elevation or any related platform to build terrain in Chief Architect just for initial or approximately terrain for your exterior design and landscape. Do you know any idea how about to execute this idea guys?
  5. Thanks guys. Cool! But wood framed structural design is so rare nowadays. I hope they will develop for detailing RC design households .
  6. Hello guys! I am a Civil Engineer and I want to develop my skills in building and strengthening multi-story dwellings. I am using this program and I a curious if it can draw beams, foundation, columns and slabs. And produce detailed structural drawings
  7. Im from Philippines and using this program. What service can offer you sir?