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  1. Sure enough, updating to OS X 11.4 lets PB rendering Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Hi all, I'm hoping to encourage Chief Architect to support* M1 chips going forward. If this is important for you, please consider adding your name to the petition and spread the word to your colleagues: Thank you! -ben * At least Physically Base Rendering like the are planning for Intel chips
  3. Hi all, I'm hoping to encourage Chief Architect to support M1 chips going forward. If this is important for you, please consider adding your name to the petition and spread the word to your colleagues: Thank you! -ben
  4. Well, @HayleyM I ended up upgrading to HD Pro to get the physically based camera renders (that don't work on M1) and tried it out on a decently-spec'ed Intel i7 MacBook Pro 15". The renders are okay, but I wasn't blown out of the water by them. Totally a nice feature, don't get me wrong, but I found the software runs so much better faster on the M1 chip. Sure, it's apples-to-oranges since the MBP is older (2017 or so) but it was noticeable in the hour or two I spent tinkering on the Intel. Let's be sure to keep on CA about adding support for the new Apple chips - I don't want to go back!
  5. @HayleyM summed it up well as far as I understood it from talking to CA tech support about M1 use now and in the future. They were noncommittal about future M1 support (but maybe it will come?) and unequivocally recommended Windows 10 going forward for the real-time ray tracing. Physically based ray tracing should continue to work for Intel Macs on the X13 release.
  6. Oh, I see now with a trial version download that Physical Based 3D views aren't really working. @HayleyM gets more output than I do! Thanks for pointing out the different rendering options that I didn't even know existed. Vector, technical, and glasshouse seem fine. Watercolor seems a little slow, but shows up... I like your idea of just hopping over to an Intel machine to do physical renders after putting it all together in the M1.
  7. Hi Hayley - I posted some screen shots of my model rendering on that other M1 thread. It (Home Designer) is working for me and I love the new M1 so far. Just wanted you to know for comparison.
  8. Do you mean something else by "Add-ons" than these non-core libraries of items and textures that I've imported? The cabinets, appliances and fixtures are all from these extra, albeit free, library collections. (Was so happy to see Kohler doing it!)
  9. Hi everyone! So I've had no trouble installing and using Home Designer Suite 2021 (barebones CA x12) on a new Macbook Air M1. It's the top-spec version with 16GB memory and the 8/8 CPU/GPU cores. I'm using the core library, some kitchen and bath manufacturer libraries and made a few custom materials and all seem to be working as planned. I even imported a cabinet maker's .calibz bundle and that's been seamless with structures, textures, countertops, etc. To be fair, I'm still working with a small model of just 1 floor with a mezzanine and a few open-concept rooms, but wanted to report my
  10. Thanks for the report, VRNicastro- my M1 Air is coming this week w/16GB RAM so will be neat to compare with your findings. It sounds like you were able to get 3D rendering while HayleyM in the other thread was not? Hoping for the best!
  11. Very keen to seen the outcome here - M1 Air is arriving this week and will report on what works or what doesn't. Just targeting the Home Designer level here, but figure more data points on this topic will be useful for everyone on the thread. I was buoyed by regardner's findings, but worried by HayleyM's issue. CA tech support was very clear about not supporting M1...but want to try it all the same.