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  1. Hey all, I'm going nuts. Every time I reposition something like a light (spotlight) it readjusts it's height depending on where it thinks the floors and ceilings are. I have a loft with various mezzanines which aren't really floor slabs. So I move a spot light, say 4 inches to the left in the plan, and I switch to the 3D view and its teleported to like 30 feet under the house or above the roof outside. It's driving me nuts. Is there anyway you can disable this or just lock the height of objects.
  2. Holy **** that's what I'm talking about. Wow. Thanks so much. PS: Is one possible without sunlight and just the interior lights?
  3. Thanks a lot for your advice. To be honest, I didn't really use many textures. Only three, the Chief Architect built in crystal ice glass, the built in Aluminum Brushed and the plain color white. I backed up that folder like you said though. Thanks for your feedback. To be honest I'm not an architect, I'm a photographer and that loft is my own apartment I am trying to design. A good friend of mine is an architect and he lent me his old pc which had Chief Architect on it and I started to just play around. It took me a good few weeks to get this far. I see your point on the Raytracing being an art in itself. I'm pretty disappointed in my own abilities with it so far. As for my aim in posting, I wasn't really looking to pay someone for this. I was just wondering if someone has a fast PC they'd like to push to the limits with a design that takes so long to ray trace on my Q9650@4GHZ DDR3 (even on a not top level raytracer like CA's) I was kinda hoping a ray tracing genius might show me how this would look rendered by a real architect/designer as opposed to me.
  4. Thanks! I use a Q9650 @ 4.07 ghz but this thing is still too slow. I'd also appreciate some advice on what you guys think of the design. Chief Architect isn't really made to design minimalist lofts, etc. I had to build my own LED lighting in Chief Architect using lights and plexiglass. Ok here goes. This is a loft (height 4.27m). It is empty as the picture shows apart from 3 objects which are present. A bathroom, a closet and a kitchen unit. (Maybe you can tell, but I first built the construction I was aiming for by hand out of wood and paper, you can see it on the kitchen unit!) The design I made includes two entresols (hanging floors) to create a bedroom and a living room. Furthermore, downstairs is a photography studio, a cocktailbar a kitchen a bathroom and a make up and styling area. The look is predominantly metal (brushed aluminum), glass (panels and glass stairs) and white. As you can see the built in renderer doesn't really do the design justice. It cannot do the specularity of the floors very well either. My design aims for satin sheen white floors. The glass dividers above are supposed to be lit through by AMBI led lighting (variable Kelvin) but Chief doesn't have that so I had to make do with putting spot lights above and below each pane of glass, very ghetto render I know. Here's a plan and a 3ds file with built in camera angles. See if anyone can do some nice renders. If anything fails to import let me know. Thanks if anyone could be bothered to help me. Plan: 3ds:
  5. Hi there, My PC is very bad. I use X5. Does anyone have a Vray boosted Chief Architect that could do a render of the interior of a Milan loft I designed? Thanks if you can help me