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  1. great, thank you I did not know you can do that. Thank you
  2. I am trying to extend the wall behind the cabinets but I can't.
  3. I have a larger dormer in my design, please see pictures. The "cheek wall" I assume that's what they are called are showing in the plan. I am having a hard time removing them from the plan, or even make them invisible or even toggle them. I am trying to extend a full wall a couple of feet to contain the kitchen. Please see the pictures, I hope they would explain what I am trying to do. Thank you all
  4. one last question, is there an automated way to configure the truss to have some of web members to be vertical ?
  5. lifting the roof 24" or what ever the truss is That's the trick I was missing, ... THANK YOU SO MUCH.
  6. Shane, it's not much of a plan, I am trying to learn how to do it. I just created a rectangle.
  7. I GAVE UP !!! the room Flat Ceiling is unchecked,
  8. Hi all, So I spend some time trying accomplish this, please see my master pieces vs an actual construction ! I checked and unchecked every option, NOTHING! any idea how can I accomplish that. Thank you all
  9. How bad is it ? when things are so crazy busy I forgot about my OWN POST. I need my life to slow down !!! Thank you all for your respond, this place is an amazing educational resource.
  10. You are right. that's what happened exactly
  11. I am sure someone asked this question before, but I could not find any posts. I am trying to show the Post Footings on the foundation plan; The Post Footing Layer is ON. but nothing is working short of redrawing them on the level 0. I can redraw them but I would like to know what am I doing wrong. I must vent a little here, why does CA has the ability to do the most complex roofing and framing task so easily then something as simple as showing the Post Footings on the foundation plan is so unintuitive and difficult ?
  12. Me too, I enabled the gamepad but it won't work.
  13. thank you Michael, well, I am trying to cut the roof rafter to over lap over the bearing beam, so what floor I should on . my issue also is how would do I rest the beam at the ends. The more I use CA the better at it I am getting but still there are things I am having hard time mastering.
  14. Hi guys, I am looking for ideas and suggestions. as you see in the attached image, I have this shed roof, the rafter is 27 feet long. I would like to run a beam somewhere in the middle or above plumb with the loft railing. Any suggestion how would I go about doing that. I am opened to any ideas and suggestion including keeping it as is, but 27 feet long is making me uncomfortable Please be a little descriptive as far as the CA command sequence please. Thank you.
  15. Oh boy !!!! that is way above my pay grade. thank you
  16. If the Solver, the KING, of Chief Architect does not know! I have a feeling that means it can't be done .. Thank you,
  17. how would I add them manually, are these in the library somewhere ?
  18. Hi Guys, I tried to do this going into the door specification dialogue window then into hardware but I could not figure it out, how I can configure the door to get a simple shed door like the one in the picture. thank you,
  19. Hi all, I downloaded an (Exterior Structures library) from the website. Looks very interesting I thought would be a cool little project to do the chicken coop. when I bring it into the plan it comes as symbol, I can't explode to work with it to modify it or create framing etc.. I don't see the explode button to explode it. what am I missing ? Thank you
  20. Oh !! I didn't think you can do a back clipped in 3d I'll try it.
  21. You are absolutely correct, need to hire a different framers LOL.. I am trying to use this for instructional purposes, I want to see if I have any other options, such as, would I be able to show the frames if I create wall elevations or something.
  22. Hi all, I am trying to show the framing as an extra (visual /Instructional) please see the attached picture. I am wondering if there is an easier way to show the frames. I am not looking for anything specific, I am hoping for "brain storming session" with the group. The idea is if I have to show someone how all the walls come together; I tried the (perspective framing overview) but that does not do it clear enough.