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  1. Thank you also Steve Nestor - great input. Thanks, Bob
  2. That took care of it. I did not have the wall type definitions set up correctly. With the upper wall, the foundation offset was needed, but the brick ledge was not. On the foundation wall, neither of these was needed, and the 4 inches for the foundation offset was indicated in the exterior layer. Great video Eric. Thank you.
  3. Looks like I still have a problem. When I leave the foundation as a solid concrete stem wall, everything works great. However, when I change the stem wall (wall definitions) to having a brick ledge, I seem to get varying undesirable results - foundation inside is offset from the plate as shown. There must be something I am missing to have the foundation flush inside, as with the solid stem wall. Suggestions? The first picture is what I am looking for. The second one is what I get when creating a brick ledge. I had to make the foundation walls 1" wider (10") instead of the 9" on the floor
  4. Thank you Steve and Eric. Great tips. I think your suggestions will work great for this project.
  5. Is there a way to use a cad line or something similar and cut out the brick under the doors?
  6. Opening for driveway to pour to middle of door, and concrete sill under service door.
  7. Yes. Something like that, only brick extends down a few inches lower everywhere except under the door. Sill on door sets on top of garage floor
  8. Ok. Just want a 5" wall 16" on top with a brick ledge that drops the brick down, and leaves the brick out of the bottom of the doors so that the concrete can pour to the slab. Inside the garage - 12" of concrete showing above floor. Outside, the brick should be 4" below the slab, and not in the door openings. Foundation plan should show cutouts. I was hoping someone else would have encountered the same issue. Owl Creek Garage.plan
  9. I am trying to keep my foundation stem wall up 12" above the garage floor, and create a brick ledge on the outside to drop the brick down about 20 inches, and keep the brick cut out below the garage door and the side door. I tried creating a pony wall in the foundation, and this seems to eliminate the cutouts and has results that leave brick showing on the outside and an offset in the brick. I have looked at a few videos and other forum questions, but still cannot seem to get this to work.
  10. Oh My goodness. Setting up a new plan, this is what I got - headered off joists automatically - this is great. Here it is on my original project. Works like a charm - joists headered off, all framing complete. Thanks Eric. I did not have auto regenerate turned on. This seems to be a key to seeing everything put together right away.
  11. I used cad lines and converted this to a polyline hole in the floor. Is this the correct way to do this?
  12. I tried using the convert polyline method, hole in floor platform, but for some reason it did not recognize my deck. The green cutout showed in plan view, but not in camera view, and I could not get to work at all in camera view. I built the deck using Deck railings.
  13. I am having a similar issue. How to cut a hole in a deck for a tree that will be growing through the deck. I tried using a polyline cutting tool, but it does not cut through the deck. Also tried a polyline solid box and this set the box inside the deck, but would not leave an open hole. Suggestion for Joe that may work - since a polyline solid inserts into the deck, maybe a 3d of the hot tub can be inserted into the deck as well.
  14. Oh my goodness. Different names for the walls appears to have taken care of it. Thanks.
  15. Does anyone else have trouble using the room divider wall? Every time I try to use it, I get a room with 4 1/2" walls, and I have to open the walls and change it to room divider. Sorry, I hope this is not off topic. I thought it may apply since the room divider plays such an important role in this project.