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  1. Danielle, 

    Do you have the link to get drivers for the Aladdin hasp lock for Chief V10? I upgraded to X12 and love it, but I need to open my stock plans and make some minor changes in the materials (windows, stone, etc that I used from manufacture libraries that are obsolete) so when I open the plans in X12 I won't get constant errors....I hope. I cringe to think I might have to redraw every plan in my stock. 

    Thanks, Ginger Carter Patterson (Chief user since 1994) 

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    2. DanielleDubuc



      As I understand, it is possible to use the materials ans symbols I created in V10 with X12? I was concerned about loosing all my libraries.

      I might have a few questions to ask for that. If I can afford an X11 or X12 license. 


    3. DanielleDubuc


      Hi Ginger,

      Do you still need the drivers?  If you want me to send them to you by email I will need your address. Or maybe I could upload them here, but I am not sure it will work.


    4. ChiefUserGingerP


      I'm sorry I missed your e-mail about the drivers. It went to my junk folder for some reason and I have a second CA profile which I had to create when I upgraded to X12 on October 2, 2020. 
      I would love to have the drivers because I need to go back into my current projects and take out the obsolete materials. I am getting lots of error messages. I thought I could open the projects I had in progress in the new version, so when I upgraded my computer and Windows 10, I no longer had Windows 7 under which to run Cheif 10. 
      My e-mail addresses: (0ffice) and also (laptop)
      It has been a real "treat" to learn X12 while using it, especially on the 7000+ SF house I had started in August which has three floors including a walk-out basement. In the 12 updates between CA 10 and X12, they have moved everything but the "on" button. 
      The project above is in Missouri and I live in Arkansas where we do not have basements. I am working with the client completely through e-mail. 
      In spite of the challenges of learning while using, I LOVE the new program and am thrilled by what it can do. I love having libraries of appliances, light fixtures, plumbing, and furniture that didn't come over on the Mayflower. 
      I have a list of questions, several "how-to" and "can't find" items, but I didn't want to send Chief Talk a question on each and every one.
      There have been days when I couldn't stop working at quitting time because I was having such fun and other days that I nearly had a melt-down and had to go outside and walk around. 

      Thank you so much for reaching out. Please keep my e-mail address. I'll watch for your reply and not let it go to the junk file this time. 

      Thanks, Ginger Carter Patterson "ChiefUserGingerP" 
      I am also "ArkansasGal" 

  2. linChief 
    Are you still on the site? I found your advice for installing V 10 on a Windows 10 computer but the link for the Aladin key drivers is no longer any good. 
    I upgraded to CAX12 and LOVE it. But I have hundreds of plans drawn in V10 (waited 15 years to upgrade because I was afraid I'd lose my huge number of house plans). 
    I was told they would open in the new version, and indeed they will. But they are not usable because some of the materials that were in my use libraries over the years are obsolete. 
    What I'd like to do is load my old Chief V10 on my new computer and fix the materials in those plans before I try to import them. 
    I was excited to see your post on how to use CA V10 under Windows 10, but I must have that key driver. 
    Thanks, Ginger Carter Patterson (Chief user since 1994)