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  1. Thanks so very much to all who contributed. These are all excellent methods and I will try each and use the one that works best for this project.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I have used that method also, and I may have to on this project. My task is to create working drawings, not renderings. I thought there might be a log wall add-on in one of the libraries. I've used work-arounds for years, but there are so many great libraries, and also Chief users who are masters at creating new walls. It doesn't hurt to ask and if the answer is "I have just what you need", it saves SO much time.
  3. Ginger Patterson Chief user since 1994, currently using CA X13 I have been retained to renovate a 125+ year old lake house/cabin with the original log house being totally restored, the many bad additions removed, and new additions added to bring the building up-to-date. I have drawn new log homes and shop homes in the past, and I was able to "fake" the log walls by using an 8" or 10" solid wall with log siding. However, this is a hand hewn log house, butt and pass, and the multiple additions are stud walls with poles attached as siding for "authenticity". The clients want to keep the original log house and fireplaces, plus remove the poles and once the new structure is in place, replace the poles. Everything that is not log or pole is board & batten. The fireplaces and columns are river rock. I will include a exterior shots. The interior of the original log house has exposed log rafters. The pier & beam floor is not level and sits about 12" above grade. Indoor plumbing was added 70 years ago along the rear of the original cabin with no plan or consideration for privacy. This was the first dwelling constructed in what became a Country Club and golf course built and developed along Little River in Sevier County Arkansas by the great grandparents of the current owner on a large homestead. The family wants the house to be as close to the original look as possible and they are not daunted by the cost of such an undertaking. I normally do not take remodels or additions, but this is a favor for a contractor who has been a top notch client for over 35 years. I cannot find a log wall in the library and I'm blank as to how to create one. Thanks for your consideration. I try not to be a nuisance. Ginger Patterson Texarkana, Arkansas
  4. Yes, I did find that already and used it to send a footprint to a CAD file. I need to know when I have the exported footprint in the CAD file which scaling unit to use in order for the engineer or drafter to import to 1"=20'. Thanks
  5. I am Ginger Carter Patterson, Chief User since 1994. I am using version X13. About ten years ago when I was using an older version of CA I regularly exported a footprint file for the engineer by creating a CAD detail, then sending a footprint to the CAD detail that could be imported by the engineer to their ACAD plot plan. I have not been asked for a footprint in several years, but recently was asked for a footprint of a large home I'm doing in Hot Springs Village (I'm in Texarkana). I can't figure out how to create that simple drawing in X13! I've watched the tutorials, but they show creating terrain. I never had to create terrain before. It was simple. What am I missing? Thanks, Ginger Carter Patterson Drafter-Designer-Space Planner Chief user for 28 years, using X13
  6. Thanks so much! I knew it had to be hiding somewhere. How do I push it out so that only 6-12" is in the room and the body of the FP is 18" outside the wall? It is snapped aligned to the outside of the brick wall. I promise I won't bother you again today if you answer this one! I appreciate your help.
  7. Ginger Carter Patterson Chief user since 1994 now using X12 I upgraded from V10.08 to X12 last Fall. I've struggled through jumping 12 versions while trying to finish a half dozen projects I started in V10. I was told I could open my plans in progress and that was true, but there were so many materials errors, I finally thought it best to redraw the plans I had working. After nearly seven months, I haven't mastered X12 and probably never will, but I still have hair I haven't pulled out and I'm very happy I upgraded. You guys just keep getting better and better. My question is easy. Where is the plain masonry fireplace symbol? The corner FP is in the core library. The 36 x 60 fireplace I used hundreds of times which I could modify to suit my needs is not to be found. I surrender, I am asking for help. I need that fireplace! I can pop it on the outside wall and push/pull into or outside the wall, change it to suit my needs and add mantel, etc. I tried opening one of my plans from V10 and copy the old fireplace, but it will not paste. Someone please tell me how to get that simple flexible fireplace. I don't need all those fancy ones. Thanks, Ginger Carter Patterson Texarkana, Arkansas
  8. Danielle, 

    Do you have the link to get drivers for the Aladdin hasp lock for Chief V10? I upgraded to X12 and love it, but I need to open my stock plans and make some minor changes in the materials (windows, stone, etc that I used from manufacture libraries that are obsolete) so when I open the plans in X12 I won't get constant errors....I hope. I cringe to think I might have to redraw every plan in my stock. 

    Thanks, Ginger Carter Patterson (Chief user since 1994) 

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    2. DanielleDubuc



      As I understand, it is possible to use the materials ans symbols I created in V10 with X12? I was concerned about loosing all my libraries.

      I might have a few questions to ask for that. If I can afford an X11 or X12 license. 


    3. DanielleDubuc


      Hi Ginger,

      Do you still need the drivers?  If you want me to send them to you by email I will need your address. Or maybe I could upload them here, but I am not sure it will work.


    4. ChiefUserGingerP


      I'm sorry I missed your e-mail about the drivers. It went to my junk folder for some reason and I have a second CA profile which I had to create when I upgraded to X12 on October 2, 2020. 
      I would love to have the drivers because I need to go back into my current projects and take out the obsolete materials. I am getting lots of error messages. I thought I could open the projects I had in progress in the new version, so when I upgraded my computer and Windows 10, I no longer had Windows 7 under which to run Cheif 10. 
      My e-mail addresses: (0ffice) and also (laptop)
      It has been a real "treat" to learn X12 while using it, especially on the 7000+ SF house I had started in August which has three floors including a walk-out basement. In the 12 updates between CA 10 and X12, they have moved everything but the "on" button. 
      The project above is in Missouri and I live in Arkansas where we do not have basements. I am working with the client completely through e-mail. 
      In spite of the challenges of learning while using, I LOVE the new program and am thrilled by what it can do. I love having libraries of appliances, light fixtures, plumbing, and furniture that didn't come over on the Mayflower. 
      I have a list of questions, several "how-to" and "can't find" items, but I didn't want to send Chief Talk a question on each and every one.
      There have been days when I couldn't stop working at quitting time because I was having such fun and other days that I nearly had a melt-down and had to go outside and walk around. 

      Thank you so much for reaching out. Please keep my e-mail address. I'll watch for your reply and not let it go to the junk file this time. 

      Thanks, Ginger Carter Patterson "ChiefUserGingerP" 
      I am also "ArkansasGal" 

  9. linChief 
    Are you still on the site? I found your advice for installing V 10 on a Windows 10 computer but the link for the Aladin key drivers is no longer any good. 
    I upgraded to CAX12 and LOVE it. But I have hundreds of plans drawn in V10 (waited 15 years to upgrade because I was afraid I'd lose my huge number of house plans). 
    I was told they would open in the new version, and indeed they will. But they are not usable because some of the materials that were in my use libraries over the years are obsolete. 
    What I'd like to do is load my old Chief V10 on my new computer and fix the materials in those plans before I try to import them. 
    I was excited to see your post on how to use CA V10 under Windows 10, but I must have that key driver. 
    Thanks, Ginger Carter Patterson (Chief user since 1994) 

  10. Yes, my friend and former business partner sent his version 11 to me when he was diagnosed with cancer in September 2011. Yes, it came with the USB dongle (key). I don't think there is anything wrong with the key, I probably need just a new driver. This will be the case regardless of whether I am using CA 10 or 11. I have several projects started (in V10, my old stand-by) and I do not want to upgrade my computer and suddenly find myself unable to open the projects my clients are waiting for. I've been a legal user of Chief Architect for over 25 years, and I very much appreciate the advice and input by all. Thanks sincerely, Ginger Carter Patterson
  11. Hello Cheryl! I remember you for your helpful posts in the past. I was Ginger Carter for 22 years and I got remarried in 2000 and became Ginger Patterson. Now I do business as Ginger Carter Patterson. My e-mail address is and I'd love to hear from you! I was happy to see names and faces I remember from the old days still helping folks on the Q & A. Yes, J. Ellis Rue was Ellis's "formal" name, and probably the name he used on this site. We were never so formal, he was just "Ellis" to me. I didn't realize this was going to be such a complicated quest when I posted. The Chief version is 11, and Ellis sent it to me when he was not able to continue our drafting business. If I am not able to use it, then so be it. Drop me an e-mail, okay? Perhaps we can meet in the middle! Ginger Carter Patterson
  12. The version gifted to me was X1, and I will transfer the license to my name. I have an e-mail from Ellis Rue regarding the gift. You may remember Ellis from 20+ years ago. I remember you and David J Potter. Ellis Rue was a retired orthodontist who went to community college to learn building design. He was also interested in CAD drafting. He found Chief Architect online and purchased an early version. He and I met in the Chief Architect chat room when I got married and moved to Dunedin, FL. Ellis and I worked together in Florida for eight years, me being the space planner and designer, Ellis being the detail man. We were a great team and became close friends. During that time we used V8, V9 & V10. We subcontracted projects from a local builder and consulted with a structural engineer. My husband and I moved back to Arkansas in 2008 because I wanted to get back in the home plan business. We kept in close contact with the Rues. Ellis had cancer treatments in 2012 and after beating cancer decided to become a substitute teacher as his newest profession. He was 80 years of age and loved working with kids. He also played brass instruments and marched in a huge community band. He was an amazing and interesting man. Because he was no longer doing drafting, he sold his plotter. He called me and asked if I'd like to have his software. I said, "Of course!" Ellis Rue passed away at 86 and his wife Nancy joined him two years later.
  13. Hello and thanks very much for the advice. I was not aware of the X8 viewer, but I will definitely do that. I want to be able to use the files (make changes, update, etc) and keep them as plan files, not just print to pdf. I have many stock plans that are usable for spec homes and my contractors occasionally want new exteriors. I started a project last year to print to pdf all of my hand-drawn plans and I now have about 300 sets on an external hard drive and also printed to ledger size and arranged in binders. I have about 150 more sets waiting to be scanned to pdf. I consider hand-drawn plans "art" and it pains me to have to scrap them. I am a fanatical backer-upper. <smile> I have a back-up service (Carbonite) and use i-cloud. I also use an external HD for everyday access to the files and the HD is backed up with the two I mentioned. I'm not worried about losing the files. I'm concerned that my CA software will not open under Windows 10. What I'm asking others run older CA software such as V10 or XI run under Windows 10? If it's a problem with the key, can I order a new key from CA? The software and keys work on my Windows 7.
  14. I'll try to be brief: I've been a Chief user since 1994 starting with V4. I owned two license and upgraded both through V9. When V10 came out I upgraded just one license. With V10, and saw no reason to upgrade. I don't do renderings and other goodies. I produce working drawings for house plans. Chief 10 has all I need. Three years ago my dear friend Ellis Rue who was also a long time Chief user was diagnosed with cancer. Near the end, he gifted me his newest version (XI) of Chief Architect. I have never transferred the license because I haven't used it. I was saving it as a "back up". I've run my CA V10 under MS Windows 7 OS for years. Windows 7 is no longer being supported and I will be forced to change to Windows 10. No problem except that I am afraid my old reliable V10 Chief Architect software will not work when I upgrade my office computer. My experiment this morning: I have a new lap top computer running Windows 10 OS. I loaded my CA XI on the laptop and plugged in the key. I tried to start the program, but the computer will not recognize the key. I tried for hours to find a new driver for the key on line, but was unsuccessful. This is frustrating. I'm sorry if this is not the place to ask for help, but I don't know where to turn. I used the forum often in the 1990s and early 2000s and there are a lot of brilliant people on here. I really can't afford to upgrade my software, as I no longer have a business that will support that kind of investment. I am 72 years old and semi-retired from the custom home plan business, but I get occasional calls for my stock plans and the client nearly always requires minor changes. When Version 8 came out in 2000 I lost access to all plans created in previous versions. I cannot afford that again. I am reluctant to upgrade to Windows 10 on my office computer and take the chance of losing the ability to open the hundreds of house plans I have drawn over the past 20 years. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, can you give me advice? Thanks!