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  1. So turns out I have read that article. Its kind of like I want to do... but not exact. I think I will have to settle for the bricks showing the mortar. We do a lot of renderings as part of our project proposals and breaking down the permitter of the patios into line sections and placing objects along the line for each line (for each version of the plan we present) is a lot of time. In the spring we don't have a lot of time as we are running a massive amount of bids and sending many renderings.
  2. Hi Solver, Sorry about that... X10 is our current version.
  3. Any ideas on how to get chief to show the borer row on a deck when the edge of the deck is curved? I could manually draw it with a 3D molding. But us there a way to generate it with build advance deck framing after selecting border in the "deck" specifics?
  4. I am not sure how to do that. Any advice?
  5. The fix is to build a solid 3D molding and apply the "single course" brick material to it. From there you can adjust the scale and such as needed. But what I can't seem to do is get the brick to show without the grout between the bricks. Pavers are butt tight and the grout in the renderings throws off the feel of the patio some.
  6. I had this same issue on a recent project! Correcting mismatched wall types fixed mine too. ...but what I can't fix is, I can't get the border row(s) of decking to show up on a curve of a deck. Any ideas?
  7. I have been trying to solve the same issue... Is there an article to walk me thru these steps needed? I have drawn a 2.5" thick, 6" wide, and 9" long paver brick to be used as a soldier course around the patio, but it keeps getting extruded to 24" long when its saved into my library. So I end up with a 2.5" thick, 6" wide, and 24" long brick. Thanks for any help you can provide!