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  1. Hey Good day,I can help...What is your email address? Kind Regards.
  2. Offering my services for Resdential,Commercial and Office spaces. Specialise in : •New Developments,•Multiple Family/Single Family Homes, •Commercial Property ,•Renovations ,•Townhouses, •Mansions, •Residential Houses, •Apartments •Buildings etc. done here. Our Architectural &Structural Construction Drawings List entails:- -Site and Location Plan -Ground Floor Plan -Electrical Plans for all floors -1st Floor Plan -Roof Plan and Detail -Foundation Plan -Structural Drawings -Plumbing Plan & Isometrics for all floors -Septic Tank/Soak away Drawings -Elevation -North and East -Elevation -South and West -Section X-X -MISC Details-Railings etc. -3D Realistic Renderings -Estimate Get your dream home today! Facebook page : Clients reviews on our page. Thank You very much. Done by IAG Architects Ltd. Contact 1-868-266-2444,1-868-487-1973
  3. Hey Good day,I am very interested and do have a construction background as well.
  4. Definitely interested but not from the same timezone.