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  1. Thank you Eric. I found how to add the dimension point. I must have missed that when I watched the videos earlier. Now if I can figure out how to not dimension everything when I manually dimension a cabinet elevation.
  2. Yes Eric, X11. I'm going to upgrade to X12 whenever I can slow down long enough to do it. No wintertime slowdown for NC this year! I have watched several of the dimensioning videos, I must have missed the one with that info.
  3. I don't have a Default Settings under File. I do have one under Edit. When I go there and to Dimensions it does give me a choice of selecting the NKBA Auto Dimensions. But when I do, it still shows 1/4" = 1" when I try to send something to Layout.
  4. Hello All, How do I set my default dimensions so that when I create a dimension line across a wall of cabinets, I get this: - just the cabinets and centerline dimensions: Instead of this - which dimensions EVERYTHING!! - Cabinets, moldings, shelves text lines, etc. : This is my biggest time waster in Chief Architect - deleting the unnecessary dimension points. Also, is there a way to add a point onto an existing dimension line? I often make changes to cabinet layouts - dividing cabinets or adding cabinets t
  5. I recently did a new install on a PC after using a laptop for the past year. There are a lot of things different than they are on my laptop. The one that bugs me the most is when I go to send drawings to layout. I'm a kitchen designer so we do everything we can in 1/2" = 1'. But somewhere the default is set at 1/4". I must have changed it on my laptop, because its always at 1/2". But I cannot figure where I did it. I have to change it with every drawing I send. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  6. I agree about the stone being too much. If it were up to me, I would drop the stone arch and just do the columns so that the hood area shows up better. But the customer is always right and that's what she wants...
  7. I'm sorry. When I first started - someone told me to put that information in my signature and I went in put all of that information on my profile - thinking that was what everyone was asking for. Now I see I put it in the wrong place. I will get that changed ASAP. Thanks. I did not know I could select an item and it would tell me what layer it is on. That was my problem I had the CAD, Default layer turned off in 3-D. I have no idea how I accidentally turned if off! Thanks for the help:
  8. I created a rock archway polyline solid over an island and everything was fine. But I moved the posts around and resized some walls and changed dimensions and now my archway shows in elevations but not in 3-D. I'm pretty sure its in the 3D Camera Layer Settings - but I can't find where to turn it back on. Help!
  9. Eric, Thank you! This helps a lot. I was actually searching by typing "_______ AND _____". No wonder everything result had "and" in it. (Headslap!)
  10. This helped me so much. Thank-you! I searched Wainscot Panel and Wainscot AND Cabinets and none of what you linked to came up. I've obviously got to learn how to search better. One question though - how do I change the center panel to recessed panel vs. raised panels. I found where they are a door by themselves and I figured out I could change them to slab doors - which looks fine on elevations - but on 3-D they will show flush with the frame and not 3/8" back like they should be. I though about changing the thickness to 3/8" but I don't know where to do that.
  11. Can someone tell me how to create a standard cabinet wainscot panel for the back or end of an island? I have figured out how to make one that looks like loose cabinet doors attached to a back panel - but I want a true wainscot panel, where I can adjust stile and rail sizes and divide the one panel into multiple panels like the picture attached. Thank-you.
  12. Many times when I am working on a drawing and I go to the Library for an item - my plan screen sort of freezes up. I don't get the spinning wheel of death - I can move my mouse and see it every where but on the plan screen, but I can't select anything. It doesn't seem to be related to a certain catalog or plan size and seems to be totally random. I will have this problem repeatedly on on one plan and never have it on another one. The only way to fix it for me is to exit the plan and restart it. Any thoughts on what causes this?
  13. It will not let me suppress the label on any cabinet that I have created and put in my layout. Or any appliance that I have inserted into my drawing. I have searched the online forums for help and looked for YouTube videos. There is plenty of information about configuring and modifying the cabinet - but not about working with the cabinet label. When I try and toggle between Automatic Label and Specify Label it will not let me select Specify :Label. I'm blocked for some reason.
  14. I'm a kitchen and bath designer - I'm making the switch from 2020 to Chief Architect. So far I love it. No crashes - which was commonplace with 2020. I can design professional presentation drawings that are architectural quality - something that was really difficult in 2020. So far my stress level has dropped at least 75% since I made the switch. But since cabinet manufacturers do not support Chief Architect with complete catalogs like they do 2020 and Pro Kitchen, I'm forced to create my own. I have figured out how to take a cabinet - reconfigure it - and save it into my User Catalog.