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  1. Thanks guys and Kbird1, I went to my hidden Files where the Program Data resides but the bulk of the files are simply gone.....very strange
  2. WTH....I really don't want to spend hours re-downloading them all....what happened?
  3. I need to free up hard-drive space and noticed that I still have the older versions of Chief "Program Data" can I be proof positive that I have them all in X11? I migrated data when I upgraded each it safe to assume that it is there? Hate to "assume" lol!!!
  4. Oh well, since I still had the file open I created a larger round and now it does look better I think! Thanks again all, love this Forum!
  5. Thanks all for the help! I think I got the jist of how to play with this now even though it looks like the Gable really needs to be likely a half round rather than a quarter round like the real McCoy.
  6. Tried the gutter but didn't work....tried creating a Tile and then slightly re-oriented it 3 degrees for proper overlap but I think I need to taper the tile so that it overlaps properly (top is fine but the front isn't)...anyone with ideas how to taper this singular tile??? Getting awfully close using the Distributed Object Tool and offsetting the object -3" from ceiling!!! P.S. I left it concrete color for visual clarity lol!!!
  7. Thanks all for the replies and effort put into them...I think I'll try your approach for now Rene, can't believe the Chief Boys haven't stepped up with a simple option for this after all these years....
  8. Getting tired of incorrect Tile Roof Gables, I've looked high and low and can't find any dialog boxes to make them look there a way to have the Trim Tile go over the edge like the pic or is this function still non-existent? Not really in the mood to create my own!
  9. Thanks, Joey, I'll reset to default and try
  10. Eric, sorry for the confusion and thanks with your patience with me....when I select the cabinet on the lower left with one left click then this dialog box opens before I can even move the cabinet so then I have to close the box and then move the cabinet.
  11. I don't recall having this issue in the past at all so yes, new problem. A single click to select an item (like when I want to move it) opens the dialog box which I then have to close. I have opened the context menu in an attempt to change the settings which affects this behavior but it doesn't seem to make a difference.
  12. Updated solver, thanks. joey_martin, I mentioned in my post that I have tried both of these setting on & off and it doesn't seem to make a difference.
  13. I've performed a search but haven't found anything....I have tried turning the "Contextual" button on & off and also selected "click-twice" in Preferences but I can't get the Program to enable me to just one-click on an item (e.g. wall, cabinet, etc) to move it without the dialog box ALWAYS opening.....where do I need to look to shut this off so that it takes a double click to do this?
  14. Thanks Glenn, guess I'm going to have to....just can't believe the Chief Guys haven't addressed this the simple way by allowing the rotate arrow to truly rotate like ever other CAD block. Everyone has been great pitching in, thanks guys!
  15. I know Michael but I was hopeful that X11 would fix this! Hopefully they'll take a look!
  16. Eric, another great idea but I'd like some rooms at a 45 degree angle as well!
  17. Thanks for the Reply Richard, that tool can rotate them but you must know the exact angle that you want....when dealing with an odd shaped lot, not a good way to do this lol!
  18. I did a search through the X10 "HELP" documentation and this Forum but nothing indicates how to rotate a Space Planning Block incrementally rather than just in 90 degree block there a bug causing these blocks not to incrementally rotate like any other object? I checked my defaults and it is set to CAD @ 15 degree increments. HELP!!!
  19. One of the reasons that I haven't used CAD detail for layouts is that it seems to leave certain lines out at times...e.g, if I do it for Sec N then ton the Chimney chase on the upper left side of the rolled soffit molding it leaves out the lines so that it looks odd (see pic enclosed):
  20. Thanks for taking the time to look at this....I typically don't...should I? That's not the can see how the dimension lines trial off in Sec I...if you fix these by merely clicking anywhere on the arch in the detail then Section N in the layout on the next page does the exact same thing! You're chasing a loop! This is where I need the help!
  21. Awesome, thanks...that's what I love about this site! Here's the link
  22. Unfortunately using WinZip the .plan file only shrinks from 194MB to 64.5MB and the 77MB .layout file only shrinks down to 46.7MB and with the Site limit of 25MB for a single file size I can't.
  23. Thanks for the reply Graeme....I haven't changed anything with scaling on extension lines.....where would I look?
  24. I have had a nagging issue that is driving me NUTS! Long story short....I am chasing dimension lines on my Layout Drawing sheets that keep mysteriously extending themselves.....when I correct it by clicking on the section drawing so that it goes to the original drawing I have to click on a component (e.g. CAD object) to cause the lines to "disappear" and go back to the "original way that I dimensioned them. The easiest way to see and understand this problem is to look a the samples below...I have circled in red the "mysteriously" added lines that wander off to the left (or on some sheets to the right) of the drawing compared to the way that I originally dimensioned them. This wouldn't be a problem to just click on this drawing to fix it but what happens is one of the other section drawings does the same thing as soon a I fix one and all I am doing is chasing a ghost because then it happens on another page. My only fix was to save the drawing floor plan and section as a new title to stop this but I have so many sections that I can't keep track of all the changes....HELP!!!!!