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  1. I am currently having this very issue in X13 Been a user since 2002 Chief 8 I will try clearing the clipboard and rebooting as well Thanks for the tip!
  2. Thank you both Glenn and Solver! This was my first question and Solver - yes I will post in the Q and A section next time. I am new to the forum but been a chief user for 18 years. Wasnt expecting such a quick response thanks both of you! Jason
  3. Hello I have been a chief user since 2002. Love it. That said. I opened an older plan that i started from 2 versions ago (x10 i believe) and noticed a pleasant surprise. the text on my dimensions has a background fill so if the dimension numbers are over other text or objects, those are blocked by the text background in the dimension. I cannot seem to find this feature to control if it is displayed or not. Any help on this? I am currently on Chief x12. The file the screen shot is from is from x12 but was created in x10. Any assistance would be great!! thanks in advance! Jason RDC Massachusetts
  4. I have an existing house that we are making some roof modifications to. I need my window labels to read as 'EXISTING' - in older versions i could specify labels no issues at all. chief X11 - the dialog box for windows>labels - all the check boxes and ratio buttons dont do anything. I cannot click on any of them what am i missing here? It is set to automatic, and i cannot change the ratio button
  5. I have a question I need to change my window labels on an addition i am doing i need the label to be 'EXISTING' and cannot specify the label when i open the window. All the ratio buttons and check boxes are locked - or cant be clicked on they are not 'grayed out' they look like you should be able to edit them, but i cannot. I can still change size and materials but that label feature is completely locked even if i open a new file to test please help