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  1. 354147298086799

    Dimension Style

    Alaskan_Son, Thank you
  2. 354147298086799

    Dimension Style

    CT, How do I change my dimension/number style to reflect the first item label 44 versus the second item label 34
  3. 354147298086799

    Cabinet Label

    Chiefs, How can I place the cabinet label in elevation. I want to make it clear to the fabricator in order to reference the cabinet schedule. R, Lynda
  4. 354147298086799

    Substance Player

    How can I import an image into substance player? Today is my first try using this software. Attached is the tile sample I am trying to create/modify. TIA
  5. 354147298086799

    Cabinet Doors

    Mike, No, They are rounded raised profile
  6. 354147298086799

    Cabinet Doors

    Mark, Thank you so much
  7. 354147298086799

    Cabinet Doors

  8. 354147298086799

    Cabinet Doors

    Does anyone have a soft pillow door profile?
  9. 354147298086799

    Crown moldding and soffit

    Does anyone know how to add a crown molding on a soffit, next to a wall cabinet. Thank you in advance