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  1. PDesign

    Looking for skilled Chief PDF to CA

    Good Morning, Most of the projects I'm working on are PDF to CA X11 Richard 505-720-4370 TEMP003.PDF
  2. Hi John. Richard Here. Are you still looking for help with your projects? pioneerdesign21@gmail.com
  3. PDesign

    Interior Designer Needed Kauai

    Hi I'm in Kauai and would like to see you about the position you are looking to fill. I have the skills you need and I'm available . If an interview is possible please call me at 505-720-4370 Thanks in advance Richard Coleman
  4. PDesign

    Hawaii GC seeking Architectural Draftsman

    I'll be back in Kauai next week and I'll give you a call. Thanks Richard colemanr1@hotmail.com
  5. Good Morning. I can do what you require however I can't take on the project until the middle of Sept. Call if you still have a need by then. Thanks in Advance
  6. PDesign

    CAD Technician/Draftsperson

    Hi Dan, Just saw your request for construction plans. I have just finished 2 projects for RMBuilders in Denver CO. I'm a retired general contractor that specialized in design/ build projects. I have used CA for years to do my initial designs and finish in autocad for submittal the building depts. I would need to know your turnaround time, I use x11 and 2019 Acad. I'm free to start immediately. I can supply sample drawings if things look good. I line in New Mexico. Thank You Richard Coleman 505-720-4370 colemanr1@hotmail.com
  7. Good Morning, as a retred design/build contractor I'm very qualified to complete your project. I can also meet with you and go over your complete project. Thanks Richard Pioneer Design 505-720-4370
  8. That's a cell phone for ya. I charge 0.65 cents a sq. foot. Turnaround time is usually 1 week, depending on complexity. Try 505-301-5898 either one should work. Richard
  9. Right up my alley. Richard Pioneer Design 505-720-4370
  10. Hi sbbuild, hope all is well. Just by coincidence I'm doing that kind of job for a customer in Denver. I'm retired and have the time for a quick turn around. If this sounds good please feel free to call me. Thanks in advance, Richard Pioneer Design 505-720-4370 pioneerdesign21@gmail.com
  11. PDesign

    From .pdf to Home Designer Pro conversion

    Hi Porto Franko, I'm just finishing up another conversion from .dwg to CA. Can do the same into HD Pro. Please call. Richard Pioneer 3D 505-720-4370 pioneerdesign21@gmail.com
  12. PDesign

    Draftsman Needed

    Good Afternoon. I'm just finishing up a project for Chiefdrafting . I would be happy to discuss your project. Richard Thanks, Pioneer Design 505-720-4370
  13. PDesign

    Chief Expert/Move to Kauai

    Hi, I'm planning on an extended stay on Kauai (favorite island) later in the year with the thought of moving. I'm retired now but have used Chief for my design/build business. I can do a set of plans without cost to see how we work together. Please call if interested. 505-720-4370. Thank You Richard
  14. PDesign

    Draftsman Help!

    Hi, I work in x11. I would be happy to talk to you about your project(s). Richard Pioneer Design 505-720-4370 10,X1,X5,X10.X11
  15. PDesign

    Architectural Plans Needed

    Hi, I work in x11. I would be happy to talk to you about your project(s). Richard Pioneer Design 505-720-4370 10,X1,X5,X10.X11