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  1. Thank you for all your help and support on this forum. I did found an architect that I am currently working with for this project.
  2. Hello David, Thank you for your feedback. I am planning to go through the paces using a Home Builder Network that will assist me with the process. I am just trying to get into the process as best prepared as I can, with a clear view on how the house layout should look. I understand that each phase may alter the plan based on the finding on the ground.
  3. We are a professional couple, husband is a computer engineer and wife is an artist (www.adelaandea.com ). We have acquired 1.5 acres of land in Houston area, Texas and we are looking to build a home. We have started to play with Chief Architect to create the floor-plan layout, then added a bit on the roof and so on, until we got stuck due to knowledge limitation. We looking for an architect / designer to help us complete the plans for a new residential house. I have a starting point for the plans (see attached file). Goal / Specs Current plans are for a single-story home, around 3900 sqft, 4 bd, 2.5 bth. We are looking for a “modern” feel for the house In the current plans I have a few less common features like - Entrance hall, living room and one more room have 18ft ceilings, rest of the house is at 11 ft - One room have very large spans (26ft x 27ft) - Roof is very shallow, 2/12. - We are trying to use the roof / top of the kitchen as a terrace - We would like for the roof to extend over the entrance and backyard to create a shaded area. I am looking for someone to take the current plan, clean it and refine it to be suitable for construction (e.g. framing). The current plan has “defects” due to constant changes that we made to the plan (e.g. some walls do not align properly) We are NOT looking to furnish the interior. We are primary interested into the house shell(walls, foundation, roof, windows etc.). We are foregoing even the storage closets for the time being. Some of the “missing” points are: cleanup default materials, adjust the roof support, fix the walls, additional work on windows (ideas for windows design so it looks modern), the external stairs and anything else that a regular person would miss when playing with Chief Architect (e.g. mechanical room size? attic ?, doors too close ? code violations? ) As for time-frame, we would like to complete these plans within a month or so, if possible. We are ready to start the construction on the lot this summer. Thank you ! Otero_House_8.plan