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  1. Not a problem, boss. I figured I would atleast try answer your question rather than take the time to reply to your post without actually answering anything at all.
  2. Use an invisible wall to define the area, then adjust the room specification DBX's as needed. Your blue line area will need the "roof over this room" checked, and the area outside will obviously need that unchecked.
  3. No, I'm still here. Chief is my Monday through Friday gig, I tend to leave it alone on the weekends. I'll agree that my post was a little aggressive. It's just frustrating to see him comment with something so condescending. As stated before, one person's "trivial" problem may be the next person's monumental problem. If you don't want to answer it, that's fine. No one is obligated to answer anything. Ignore the post and move on. What good is a forum if you can't come here and ask questions that you don't know the answer to. In my humble opinion, telling someone to "Go
  4. Isn't that what the forum is for? To come here and ask for help? What's the point in being a jerk and telling someone with a question to "go check the help menu". Theoretically couldn't we just say that to every question that gets asked? 90% of questions that even more experienced users ask could be answered by reading through the help menu. This forum was created to ask questions and interact with other Chief users....this person asked a question, and if you have no helpful input, move on....no one wants to see your dumb remark of "go check the help menu".