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  1. EOBArch

    PlanHouse, LLC

    Wish you all A Merry Christmas! Animated Rendering using Chief Architect and TwinMotion.
  2. I believe growing the user base is more important. The annual price is very close to Industry Leaders Revit and Archicad. Revit LT renewal is actually less. As much as I dislike Autodesk's touch of death to a once promising Revit platform and ArchiCADs default to metric and European standards. Chief Architect has it's short comings too. In addition to the small user base. Dispite the name Chief Architect it really does not adhere to Architectural Office Standards out of the box. Please refer to US National CAD Standards. The defauls in rendering are cold and lack vibrancy. Areas to improve are tools for structural engineers, HVAC Manual J and duct sizing. An opportunity for built in wall, floor, roofs details for new code walls. In short I am not excited to see the direction Chief is going when such gaps exist in the current product.
  3. Thx, David. I appreciate all you do to make the CA community better.