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  1. I am having a B of a time... Trying to print a layout set to PDF. Every time, no matter if single page or full set, it shifts section cut off from the auto details for hatch filling. Have erases, redone, redone by manual. Still does it. Never had this issue before. Have closed down programs, rebooted computer etc etc. I'm at a loss what to try now. Any ideas? FYI, I'm Mac. Doesn't do this with other files. PDF on left... Chief on Layout page on right. Just tried sending as Plot lines and it's even worse. I am Mac OS 11.1, Adobe is up to date. Using Chief Premier X12
  2. Within your wall type you can click the option to have it insulated and it will show batt insulation. Just edit the wall type. Too bad it won't show other kinds also. I should have added, you will only see it in your sections if you click auto detail. Word of caution, don't do it until your plans are set. Once you do, it doesn't update, it just adds a second layer of details. Can really mess you up if your plans change.
  3. Thank. you Eric. Will try that! Not sure how the heck it got out of wack. This file is fighting me something terrible. And now the owner wants Entry vaulted too instead of just raised higher. Ugghhhh I'm not charging enough. LOL
  4. Head on desk... LOL Why didn't I think of that. Loooooong day already. Thank you. Here it is.
  5. YES! Taking off the paint layer resolved not seeing the drywall board! Thank you. BUT... still seeing all those extra lines in camera and elevation views. My plan is too large to post it says. 36 MB. Says max is 25 MB.... deleted all furniture, framing etc etc and still not under 30MB. Guess I can't post it.
  6. how do I post a plan? Just upload my .plan file? Sorry, only been using Chief a year or so now. SO appreciate the help boys! Here is my interior wall definition. I only added a painted layer on both sides to Chief's standard wall.
  7. I must be missing something somewhere. Have tried to edit wall layer intersections and checked every setting I can think of. This doesn't always happen, and even changes from project to project, even though I'm using the same .plan template for every project, for no apparent reason. Any ideas or suggestions? Here is a side by side of plan and camera view. ALSO, since I've upgraded to x11 all my drywall lines are showing up in elevations and camera views now. See the hallway ceiling drywall edge coming into the room? And the wall/attic wall separation lines too. I'm d
  8. Yep, what I have been doing. Just would love the option to put the CL mark also automatically. Thanks for helping!
  9. Yes Glenn, but it's not automatic when using Automatic Dimensions. I've used this before also. Thank you tho.
  10. I do agree with you that the framer should see it. Just have a builder requesting it and I do many houses for him. After these last two jobs and his silly requests, think it's time to start charging him more. LOL. And TOTALLY agree to NEVER call out RO or even sides. Even when I know who the manufacturer is. Every carpenter frames slightly different. I personally use 1/2" total when I'm building myself, but know many who use 1" or even worse. Thanks for your reply!
  11. I have searched and searched and can't find an answer anywhere. Seems like it should be logical. So if you have an automatic dim or are dragging to add a new dim inline on a string, and it is going to a center or a window for example by picking the mid or center point... is there a way to set the dimensions to automatically show the centerline on the dimension? It's a ROYAL pain to have to click on each dimension to update each window and door to show a centerline on the dim. If there is no setting for this, there should be.
  12. Never mind, figured it out. 'Show all Layers' was checked in the Control Options for Active Layer Display panel. How it changed I have no clue.
  13. Not sure what happened, but whenever I selected a wall, object, line etc., it automatically showed/highlighted the layer it is on in the Active Layer Display panel. Am I having a glitch suddenly or did a setting change somewhere? I have tried opening and closing CA already in case of temporary glitch. I'm just baffled why this suddenly stopped working like it did.