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    Wall and or Roof Problem

    Hi, I just can't figure this out. It seems I can not control hoe it displays, Any help anyone can give would be appreciated. I have attached the file and a pic of what I am dealing with. Thank You,French.plan French.plan
  2. WayneG

    Wall and or Roof Problem

    Thank You Michael, that was right on time for the to missing pieces of wall.
  3. WayneG

    Wall fragments

    Hi, This may be a simple error that I am encountering. When I create walls on the first floor all seems fine, then when I create the second floor or even when I view the attic floor there are parts of the first walls showing up and I can't delete them. The complete floor is nor showing up just fragments of the walls are there. What am I doing to make this happen?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
  4. WayneG

    Wall fragments

    Thank You, I will work on the signature
  5. WayneG


    Hi David, I noticed your Townsend model has some of the features that I have been trying to do with m model, but I have been unsuccessful at every turn. Would you please give me some pointers on how to get my roof to work so that I can have dormers for my second floor. I have attached my humble model and the plan I have been trying to create. Any advice would be very helpful, because I am lost when it comes to this part dealing with roofs. Thank You, Classic Tudor_Saved.planClassic Tudor_Saved.plan Classic Tudor_Saved.plan
  6. WayneG

    Curved walls

    Thanks, I am using X9; the plan is too large to post. I can strip down a version and post it that way.
  7. WayneG

    Curved walls

    I am fairly new to Chief, so please be kind. It seems that every time I create a curved wall it detaches itself from the foundation wall. There is a space between the two walls, I can't figure out the setting that I have wrong. If anyone has seen this problem before any help will be greatly appreciated. I have attached a photo of the wall area with the problem.