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  1. Hi DzinEye, I sent the model instead of a picture. I am very sorry for the confusion.
  2. I have got two questions, first and most importantly why do these walls just keep going through the roof? I just cant figure this out. My second question is how do I get the 2nd floor bedrooms to extend up like in the picture that will match the existing roof. It looks like a dormer of sorts. I tried to cut a hole through the roof, but it didn't work out so well for me. Is there some setting that I have not checked? Thanks for a reply for someone Test Untitled 1.plan
  3. I used a room divider and invisible walls and it is perfect. Thanks
  4. Thank You, actually it is a hole for an indoor pool. Open Below worked for my staircase, I will try to create a room within a room and see what happens.
  5. When a hole in a floor is placed it creates a separate ceiling surface that shows up in the perspective floor overview. When I turn off the ceiling surface in that view, it also turns off ceilings in the full camera view as well. I am wondering what I may have done wrong when placing the hole in the first place??
  6. Thank You Michael, that was right on time for the to missing pieces of wall.
  7. Hi, I just can't figure this out. It seems I can not control hoe it displays, Any help anyone can give would be appreciated. I have attached the file and a pic of what I am dealing with. Thank You,French.plan French.plan
  8. Thank You, I will work on the signature
  9. Hi, This may be a simple error that I am encountering. When I create walls on the first floor all seems fine, then when I create the second floor or even when I view the attic floor there are parts of the first walls showing up and I can't delete them. The complete floor is nor showing up just fragments of the walls are there. What am I doing to make this happen?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
  10. WayneG


    Hi David, I noticed your Townsend model has some of the features that I have been trying to do with m model, but I have been unsuccessful at every turn. Would you please give me some pointers on how to get my roof to work so that I can have dormers for my second floor. I have attached my humble model and the plan I have been trying to create. Any advice would be very helpful, because I am lost when it comes to this part dealing with roofs. Thank You, Classic Tudor_Saved.planClassic Tudor_Saved.plan Classic Tudor_Saved.plan
  11. Thanks, I am using X9; the plan is too large to post. I can strip down a version and post it that way.
  12. I am fairly new to Chief, so please be kind. It seems that every time I create a curved wall it detaches itself from the foundation wall. There is a space between the two walls, I can't figure out the setting that I have wrong. If anyone has seen this problem before any help will be greatly appreciated. I have attached a photo of the wall area with the problem.