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My experience with architecture and construction stretches back over 20 years to my childhood where I began working alongside my father, who taught me much of what he knew as a carpenter. From laying out footings and working with concrete, to back-breaking roofing jobs, my childhood was far from normal. During school, I took various architectural drafting classes and attended trade school for Architectural Drafting. I was top in my classes, and also earned 1st place in an architectural drafting competition.

I later went on to earn a bachelor's degree in Construction Management, and served as a U.S. Marine. My career has included commercial construction project coordination, residential drafting and design, and BIM coordination of federal government projects. I started nVisionTEK, LLC in 2017 as I saw a major need for 3D in the residential design market. Since then we have impressed many clients with high quality construction drawings and 3D modeling not possible with 2D CAD software.