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  1. Well I told them that I made a request for them on ChiefTalk and didn't get scolded or anything. No concern voiced at all.
  2. I just now checked with tech support and they said they stopped including those older templates. They recommended using the various samples for templates which is a good idea. Well, anyway, it would still be nice to get the old ones if anyone ever wants to post them for the Mac version. Future users might find them useful as well. Not too big a deal either way.
  3. I typed the file names into my search bar and don't find them anywhere on my computer. I don't think x10 include them.
  4. I only have Commercial, Residential and Kitchen templates, and they are in the Chief Architect Premier X10 Data\Templates\CE Templates. Not sure what CE stands for. Maybe I deleted something.
  5. That's a good point. So, if someone could maybe post just these: American Casual Arts & Crafts Colonial Cottage Mediterranean Influence Today's Traditional Urban Chic I would appreciate it.
  6. Ya, mine came with just the Commercial, Residential and Kitchen templates that you mentioned. I added an Addition template. I plan to always just stick with those as starting points. Probably all I need for the foreseeable future. I was planning to keep a separate folder for any style templates that I may accumulate over time. I don't have many of my own styles yet (mainly because the library seems a bit overwhelming right now), so, it would be nice to have the OOB templates to throw in there. Rather than use them as a starting point, I was thinking I could just use them as a way t
  7. Hey, would someone mind posting the following templates, which apparently came bundled in some prior version of Chief: American Casual Arts & Crafts CAD Block Colonial Commercial Cottage Mediterranean Influence NKBA Standards Profile Today's Traditional Urban Chic They are mention in training videos but missing in x10 which is the version I started with. It would be handy to have them. SOLVED (click for the files)
  8. Ya, lately I've been moving the arrow so that I can move the text, then move arrow back, then realize I need to move the text a little more to get it in the right orientation with leader, so repeat moving the arrow out of the way again, move text, move arrow back, repeat until..... Be nice if there was a text disconnect feature such as with line segments, or hold down the Alt key while dragging or something like that.
  9. Is there a way to move or edit a text box in such a way that it is disconnected from the attached arrow? Maybe there is a button to hold down while dragging. I find no disconnect button like with polyline segments. Or better yet, is there an option to prevent the arrow from connecting in the first place. I seem to consume a lot of time fixing arrows when they become skewed, or temporarily moving them out of way in order prevent skew.
  10. Surely there is a way to move those outline lines to match the framing, isn't there? Rather than have to hide it.
  11. Actually started with HD Suite, then upgraded to Pro, then CA premier trial, then bought the key and activated the full version of premier. But the tutorial plan in question was started in CA premier trial. I should have all the full functionality, it's that tools are in different places than the tutorial, probably because of it being a different version as mentioned. I do have the Active Annotation tool, but it's on the Extended Tool configuration and not the Default Configuration. I can customize the toolbar no problem. Still don't know what else to do to solve the temp dim pro
  12. Thank you for responding. The picture shows the bottom edge selected I believe, there's a red box anyway. Also, check the left side for my toolbar, I moved it, T seems to have a check there. Also started having other tutorial issues, like I can't find the Annotation Set Control drop-down and such. So, I have since reset my toolbars in preferences and they don't look like the tutorial. Which got me thinking that maybe I don't have the full correct version. Then I remembered starting with the trial version before buying the key. I am thinking I better delete the program and download it again di