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  1. howardmccall

    Living area

    the only way I finally got it to work was remove an exterior wall and the put it back and rebuild wall, floors, ect. it came right up then.
  2. howardmccall

    Living area

    I have done this process at least 8 times and it never will come up on the plan. I must have something else checked Wrong. Also do you know why when I put a room label on a room it will always put the word behind it BEDROOM. Like Living Room Bedroom. Kitchen Bedroom. I don't know what I have done to make all of them do that. I have erased them and put back in but continues to add the word BEDROOM on each room. Any more ideas?
  3. howardmccall

    a serious error occured(exceptions thrown)

    I finally found one a little while ago and yes it would open but if I used that one I will lose about 15 hours of changes. MIght be the only way around it. I guess? but I was having a hard time finding archives and not sure I can find it again.
  4. A serious error occured (exception thrown) Contact technical support. While removing some interior walls this message occured. I can't get rid of it and now I can't even go into other parts of the home and change anything without this stopping me. If you can help please tell me what to do I have another 6 hours I need to work today. Hoping for the best scan0289.pdf
  5. while removing some interior walls I didn't want, i get the message "a serious error occurred(exception thrown) technical support is not open since it is sunday. any work around on this? it won't let me even work in another portion of the home. I am stuck on a Sunday need to work another 6 hours on this. scan0289.pdf
  6. when I type in services it does not take my request? do you just type in services???
  7. I have been in X2 since it came out in about 2005, I think. I am in the process of building my own home and I need help to finish it. I think I know what I want but can't put it on paper with enough info and drawings. I have done custom homes for my own clients I build for but I only do enough to get it through the permit department. I get by with that because I stay at the job site so much I can get it framed and completed. I want to know that mine will fit together and it is much more custom than most of my customers build in the $500,000 to $600,000 range. I have designed what we want but I just can't seem to finish it to get the details I want to show the subcontractors even so far as naming the brand and exact faucets I want ordered. I need someone with experience that can help me work through the drawing process. Even might take some suggestions but want a person who won't get their feelings hurt if I don't them. I don't have the vendor selections loaded into my program so just use generic products that came with my computer on X2. I do need someone that has those vendors loaded like I want to use Coronado Stone and window companies. I have never used stone on my homes I build other than fireplaces, ect. This home will have lots of stone inside and out. Looks like our heated Sq ft will be near 6,800 sq ft, plus 2000 sq ft garages and 600 sq ft greenhouse 1800 sq ft of porches. If you have time to devote to my project over the next 6 weeks I would like to send you my plan and let you look at it and give me a quote to draw it. Do you have a website where I can see your production and projects you have done in the past??? Howard McCall 505-379-4333, leave a message or text me. I will be in convention meetings this coming week. email will work great too.