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  1. Hi everyone, I am an interior designer working in Sydney Australia. I would like to connect with an Australian Chief User to help me with areas of Chief I can't get my head around. I have been using Chief Architect for many years and can create basic roofs. I am having problems adding multiple gable and flat rooves to a drawing I am working on. I would prefer to work with a person in Australia as the currency exchange rate from Aus to American dollars is 35% more. thanks, Cherel
  2. thank you for the advise.


  3. Hi Glen,

    I am an Interior Designer and Chief user in Sydney. 

    I have been working with Chief for many years, unfortunately  I haven't  set Chief up properly

    and always go through the same frustration over and over 

    I need help setting up Annotation sets for 1:20 Joinery and room elevations

    Lighting and electrical designs, and many other things on the list .

    I don't have the expertise to set it all up would you be able to help me please?






    1. glennw



      Give me a call on 0419258576 to discuss.

  4. Hi everyone, I would love to know what everyone uses when they do an onsite measure electronically with a Leica blue tooth measure. Is it time saving or just complicated.. I would love to load up my ipad with a package that I can import into Chief X10 . Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks! d
  5. That could be why... I used some poetic licence to create what I wanted so I could I have probably corrupted it. thanks for your help much appreciated!
  6. thanks for your reply .. I did reboot but still in slow motion.. I have loaded this design up with imported textures.. I might need to upgrade my system to cope.
  7. Wondering if anyone could suggest a solution to why Chief is slowing down so much I can't even dimension as the pointer has a mind of it's own. Could it be my graphics card or is it the I uploaded the new 3d symbols. Has anyone else had this problem? thanks, Cherel
  8. Hi everyone! I am trying to create a spline curve in an base cabinet not sure how.. Would anyone have a solution to create this beautiful curve? thank you so much! Cherel
  9. Hi Everyone, I have woken up this morning with so many responses!!! Thanks to everyone for their suggestions!!!! I am an interior designer I have worked with Chief for many years but haven't mastered it yet. You have all inspired me to work on my skills.. Thank you! Have a great day!! Cherel
  10. Thanks dshall, I do need the 3d view to sell the concept.. I am working on the different views now, using the new X10 Save Plan View feature .. looks promising! I will follow up when I am finished! thank you!!! regards, Cherel
  11. Hi Glenn, thank you for you advice I will give it a go, I am using X10 but haven't ever used the new feature to quickly switch between the various options.. Just had a look at your renderings.. excellent work ! thanks again, Cherel
  12. Thanks ! I am designing the whole house.. Do you think it i best practice to copy the plan and rename it and change the interior design layout so that I have to completely different plans..?
  13. Thanks Joe, Do you think that it is best take a copy of the plan rename it and make the changes and create a different Layand the
  14. Is it possible to Create different kitchen designs within the same project. I usually copy the plan and rename it and change the interior design layout so that I have to completely different plans.. Is there an easier way to create more that one design within each project.. Many thanks for any suggestions..