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  1. @rlackore Wow! Thank you very very very very much! You are a doll!
  2. Thanks Ray @chief58! I looked on 3d warehouse and did not find it. It is very similar. Where/how did you find it? Thank you very much!
  3. I need a 3d symbol for this tub. Can anybody help me? I looked at 3d warehouse...I don't knows sketch-up to do it myself. I don't need/want the faucet fixtures.
  4. I have a situation right now where I will be removing a doorway header in a remodel project. I won't have to draw any additional cad lines, I can just turn on/off the layer, depending on the floorplan view. I typically do not include the headers above doors, as I have never encountered a door/window that doesn't have a header, so to me it is redundant to show the header. I have been transitioning to X10 since June. Why did Chief feel the need to rename 'Doors, headers' to 'Opening Header Lines'. Way to much time wasted trying to figure out where that layer went.
  5. GlennW, I left in page 8, deleted everything on it. It now hangs up on page9! Tech Support time!
  6. Oh so very interesting! I deleted page 8. It hung on the new page 8. I switched page 8 with page now page 8 is page hung up on page 7! I'm pretty fried at the moment. I think I will send my file to tech support tonight and see what they say tomorrow. Thanks for your help!
  7. I will try deleting page 8 to see if it will print that way.
  8. Good idea. Hadn't. Didn't work. It's hung up on page 8.
  9. I've been using Chief since version 6 (not X6). I cannot print a specific files layout to pdf. It gets stuck on page 8 of 16 (always). Anybody else having this problem with one or more file. It just started doing this today. I updated to Windows 10 last Friday, but just printed another layout to pdf without any problems. It is a much smaller file. But that makes me wonder if somehow my file became corrupt for this. I am not having any other problems with Chief. No unusual crashes, etc. I have done all the usual immediate remedies...rebooted, fixed any broken registry links, cleaned my cache. I will call Tech Support in the a.m....but thought maybe y'all might have a solution before they open.
  10. Hmm. Both mirrors were created by me using the same basic approach (create symbol) and actually using the same modified file as they are very similar, but not exactly the same size (Kohler CB series). At least that is what I recall (as it has been longer than a day since I made them, I'm not 100% sure! It is a Tuesday...and I have my hair pulled back! I will research my symbol creation later...I keep the file that I use to create the symbol.
  11. I thought I would try to 'work around' this without doing a ray trace and changed the reflecting mirror material to a grey color....The 2nd mirror did not reflect. So why didn't that work?
  12. Hi all, I have a bath with two mirrors and only one shows reflections in final view, i've attached my preference settings and a pic of the bathroom showing both mirrors. What am I doing wrong?
  13. Hi all! I am a certified kitchen and bath designer and usually print to 11x17 paper on my Brother printer. I have a project now that I need larger paper and after talking to my local document print shop (ARC, formerly Brownies), their protocol to print from efiles has changed. I'm wondering if y'all have encountered this and perhaps can help me. Their printers print from tif files. They can convert a pdf file, but charge $4 per file. I've searched online to look for tif printers and have found a few. Some free, others not. Anybody have any experience with this? Thanks in advance!