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  1. DaveCoyleJr

    Camera View Send To Layout Issues

    Okay, So here's what I discovered... The live views slow down the process to a crawl! I tried update on demand only but still, EVERY EDIT to any portion of the layout was reprocessed... At that rate, It's faster for me to reframe the shot and edit the image. Any tips? My machine is a 8th Gen I7 with 32GB ram and a 1080 GPU...
  2. DaveCoyleJr

    Camera View Send To Layout Issues

    Okay, Now I'm able to edit and move, But I can't seem to RESIZE the box... When i drag a corner, that corner simply pulls away, and resize is not in my toolbar I'm an idiot! RIGHT CLICK... BYE NOW!
  3. DaveCoyleJr

    Camera View Send To Layout Issues

    Thats IT!!! I knew it was something terribly small!! Thanks guys! And Thanks Solver for the screen app!
  4. DaveCoyleJr

    Camera View Send To Layout Issues

    Howdy Solver! You're one of my forum faves! Thanks so much the response, however, I'd love to know what software you used to create that quick vid, as it would allow me to show you those are THE EXACT steps I took, and I end up with an unclickable box as shown in my OP screenshot.
  5. DaveCoyleJr

    Camera View Send To Layout Issues

    Hey guys... I've been dancing around an issue that I simply need to tackle once and for all. Whenever I wish to build a simply visual layout, I get the perfect angle and hit "Send to Layout", "update Always" under Live View... This always spits out a box that is centered on my page and at the same size and scale... The issue is I can't figure out for the life of me how to edit this box. It is always unclickable and appears as if chief does not even recognize it. I literally can't even delete it and is usually forced to Ctrl-Z or delete the page and start anew. I know there is something small I'm missing here; To circumvent this issue, I simply "send as image" and I'm able to scale and fit; but then I proceed to have a hissy fit when clients want to change small things and I'm forced to go and "reframe" my entire model... PLEASE HELP! I just want to resize the live view to fill my layout page. or at least be able to delete it. EDIT: I'm on Windows X11 btw
  6. DaveCoyleJr

    Importing complete Sketchup Home model into CA X10

    No doubt. I was only seeking an alternative to rebuilding a model if CA somehow read the structure and provided a base from which to build. I have sense started this plan from the dwg file, which importing feels like hit or miss if you didn't layer the files yourself.
  7. DaveCoyleJr

    Importing complete Sketchup Home model into CA X10

    I want to build a plan and model using the sketchup model as a base... Mostly the exterior aesthetics, as that is what my client loves.
  8. DaveCoyleJr

    Importing complete Sketchup Home model into CA X10

    Thanks guys! I figured as much, just thought I'd ask those who came before me. Cheers!
  9. DaveCoyleJr

    Charlie's on Main Hotel & Spa

    Phase one of a commercial renovation... Bar and Grill going in first, followed by hotel and spa on remaining 2 floors.
  10. I was wondering if it was possible to somehow import an entire SketchUp full home model into chief and then break it down into a floor plan? I know that I can take plans and pdf trace them, however, I have a full model already done, I'd like to just use as my base. Is this even possible? I have the SketchUp DWG file as well if that helps.