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  1. Steve, Thank you soooooo much Sir. I'll give it a shot. Appreciate the quickly reply. LOVE THIS FORUM Roz
  2. Screen shot is attached. Thanks Roz
  3. Hello folks. I have spent the past hour or so trying to figure out why Chief shows two weird lines in the Framing, Ceiling Plan View. They even appear when I send this view to layout. I'm unable to select them and thus delete them. Its driving me crazy. Any help is greatly appreciated. File is in X12 Roz
  4. Disregard, I now see the roof area for the metal roof. I'd never done a metal roof before, so I didn't know how it shows. I see it now. Thx all
  5. Yes, I believe shingles would give me what I'm after. However, I'm using a metal roof. I guess I can always switch back to shingles just to get my calculation then change back to metal when I need. Thanks all
  6. Hi Folks, Anyway to calculate the square footage/area of the roof...taking the roof pitch into consideration, as well? Thx
  7. Hi Graham, Yes; I JUST saw a video of X12's new features! Awesome, thanks. Roz
  8. Hello Folks, Anyone have a tutorial, how-to guide, for creating a curved soffit? I'm trying to produce something similar to the attached pic. I'm familiar with creating square ceiling soffits, but I'm interested in how to curve it. I'm using CA X11. Thanks always Roz
  9. Hi Folks, I feel silly for asking this. But how can I get my trusses to automatic label? I've tried extensively and must be doing something wrong. I have the proper layers turned on but cannot get CA to auto label my trusses. I'm using X11. Many thanks Roz Jackson.plan
  10. Thanks everyone. I appreciate your responses and assistance. Roz
  11. Solver, Did you redraw the entire covered room area with invisible walls? All four wall of the room? Or did you draw the invisible walls inside of the existing covered patio room? Been trying to reproduce your perfect solution....with no success. Can you post your plan? Thx
  12. Wow! This is exactly what I'm looking for. Did you draw invisible walls around the entire covered patio, to create a room? Do you mind posting your modified plan? I use X8. Thanks sooooooooooooo much Roz
  13. I just realized I didn't submit my plan. It is now attached. I might be saying the wrong thing. Whenever I create a similar design, I "break" the roof plane on the two sides, then I make the "separated" roof area a full/gable wall. But since my patio space doesn't have walls, I don't know how to do it. My plan is attached. Thanks again DECKOFFPATIO_FACEHOUSE_v2_SIDEWAYS_CLOSER_v2_PLAY.plan
  14. I manually drew the roof plane. I just can't seem to separate the roof area where I want the cricket. Will keep trying.
  15. Hi Solver, I usually use the 'Break Line' tool, to disjoin the roof area where I want the cricket. From there, I make that wall a full gable wall and rebuild the roof. I can't seem to do that; and was wondering if its because I manually drew the wall and there's actually not a wall.
  16. Hi Folks, Needing some assistance with creating a cricket/saddle in my plan on the covered patio. Attached is a photo I'm trying to replicate in my design. Mine is a very basic, simple roof plane that was manually drawn. I want to add a cricket/saddle (might not be the correct name) where the yellow highlighted area is. PLEASE NOTE: I'm using X8, so if you modify my plan I'll need to be able to open it in X8. Thanks very much everyone.
  17. Wow!. It worked perfectly. This is EXACTLY what I looking for. Many thanks David. Love this forum!!!
  18. wow. thanks David. I'm assuming this is compatible with CA? Which version do you recommend I download? I use CA X8. Thanks again
  19. Does anyone know if CA (or third party symbol) has a symbol of a daybed like in the attached pic? I use X8. Thank all Roz
  20. chopsaw, I got it. After importing my lot picture, I see it now. Wheeeeeew!!! Thx so much. The devil is really in the details.
  21. ok. so there's no way for me to manually draw the plot freehand, and then resize it with this tool? This tool only shows up when I import my survey?
  22. Chopsaw, I see that icon you mentioned. However, X8 says "Point To Point Move". I saw a video earlier that referenced and showed a "Point To Point Resize", and it allowed entering dimensions.
  23. Hi Chopsaw. Good to hear from you. I was able to get my issue resolved yesterday with your help, along with others. Today, I'm working on ANOTHER plot plan. I'm trying to draw the attached lot using the draw line tool. The input method yesterday was far too difficult. So since this is a simple square shaped, I watched a training video earlier that used the draw line method after tracing in a lot. However, it used the 'point to point resize' tool to correctly resize the dimensions. And so, I'm attempted to do the same. But I want to practice first with the point to point resize tool, but I can't locate it. Thx again Roz
  24. I'm sorry. I do not see the measurement tool....