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  1. breannahharmon

    Room Selection Cross Section

    Thanks, Evolution, yes I am trying to get the image as just a cad detail to show in my plan. Without having to copy and paste or snip/print screen. I didn't know if there was a way to just get a clean line drawing of the wall cross section like this into your plan. Without drawing it or using the cross section/back clip tools and having to heavily edit.
  2. breannahharmon

    Room Selection Cross Section

    Does anyone know, if you can take the automatic cross-section. From DBL click on your room, on the right side of your screen and save it to your plan? I have attached an image below. I have tried snipping or print screen, but I'm looking for a chief alternative. I want to be able to take this as a cad detail section and have it to scale in my plan.