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  1. HI Having same issue of exporting to cad. has anyone has solution on this?
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    hi, how to create shed type roof on hexagonal room ? its not getting done in automated roof commend pl. help thanks
  3. hi, whenever i put camera on terrain, it dosent move to front or back, it goes down . pl suggest the solution thanks
  4. Hi, whenever i put camera in plan & see in 3 d view, instead camera going forward & backwards, it moves down , even with mouse & up -down keys. so cant see the proper view in 3d. pl suggest the solution. thanks
  5. i m not able to export CA plans to 3ds. pl show me the way. thanks
  6. how to rotate 3d object in elevation? the object is created by using CAD from chief architect.
  7. hello, how can import the 3d object from acad and use it as a wall.. where i can make all applications like windows, electrical fixtures etc.... i mean use as a general walls from chief architect. thanks
  8. hi, can some one guide me to make a round hole in wall?