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  1. I've only had success in plan view. Is there something I'm missing to export the layers in a model view as well? I do get more layers, just no dimensions or callouts. Basically, I just want to include dimensions and material names so he doesn't have to rebuild every elevation. I'm thinking exporting a full 3D model may be the best route, and he can then produce the elevation views in AutoCAD. But it seems like it's just not going to be as seamless as I hoped. Thanks for your help, BTW.
  2. True. First I did EXPORT ALL USED AND NAMED. Then I read a few posts, and tried EXPORT ONLY DISPLAYED LAYERS. But I displayed everything I could. I couldn't get any additional layers to display in LAYOUT, even when I went in to change active defaults, which led me to conclude that layout displays layers as CAD... (?) I swear, I idiot-checked myself before I asked.
  3. Thanks. Considered that. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as visibility - which I find totally blows in AutoCAD anyway . The layers don't show up in the AutoCAD layers panel. I exported a modified ALL LAYERS ON layerset. This is what populates in AutoCAD:
  4. Greetings all, thanks in advance for any insights... I am exporting files to DWG to hand off to freelancer who works in AutoCAD. My floorplan exported with no issues; the layer set functions as expected in AutoCAD. However, when I export a layout or elevation view, only a basic set of CAD layers and labels successfully make the trip. I've double and triple checked layer sets and active layers to be sure the same layers are selected in all three export scenarios. But I'm getting nowhere. So I've concluded that either I am consistently neglecting some simple but essential selection, or Chief only exports specific CAD layers in when exporting a 3D view to a 2D drawing. But if there is a workaround, or a way to get all layers to export in views other than PLAN, it would be a huge help - any re-dimensioning he has to do will be time on an hourly rate, or time I spend to save that $$. Thanks!
  5. Thanks. I actually did place the shower glass elements into their own layer as a workaround. But I hadn't thought of re-creating them. Just so I'm clear - the vector view can make a material transparent if I do it as a polyline solid, but it won't do it for materials in the shower walls?
  6. Greetings All, Have an issue that I can't quite work around, wondering if anybody can help me undo whatever I'm wrongdoing... I'm sending elevations to a Layout page. I want shower glass to be transparent in the elevation, which it is. But that same glass, through which I can show tile and fixtures in elevation becomes opaque when sent to layout. I can preserve my transparent glass by switching to LIVE VIEW, however, I find plot ljne view far more predictable in what I get in the exported version. (I'm sure I'm making some error in there, but I find live view reproduces poorly for my purposes, and Plot Line gives me the control I want.) Any suggestions, I'd be grateful. thanks.