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    Seeking design help with my home renovation

    Hi David, Thanks for post. You are right. I am not quite satisfied with the plans and want other layout options. Whenever I as an amateur try to come up with a plan it doesn't work out for this reason or another (you need this much space to allow for door clearance, etc). I tried discussing with my architect and always felt like there was a communication block. So we have construction documents on a plan that I reluctantly accepted. Which may be the best option under our current circumstances, but I can't help but wonder if someone else would have come up with a better solution. I don't want to have to start from scratch with another architect if not necessary. I'm hoping to come up with an acceptable option that I like and then I'm ok taking it back to the architect to incorporate it into the documents before the permits are filed. If you suggest a different way to go about it now that you know more background please let me know. Thanks! MC
  2. Hi! We are doing a fairly large home renovation and we are really close to getting started. However, I am not 100% sold on the plans we have from our architect and want to get a 2nd opinion of sorts to accomplish the changes we want on the 2nd floor. I was thinking of trying to do it myself with software until I came across this forum. Is this something someone here does well? If so, what is your hourly rate? I need a quick turn around as we are trying to get permits submitted this month and would need to discuss with our contractor prior to that. I would rather not go back to the architect at this point. I live in a colonial in northern NJ if that makes a difference. Thanks! MC