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  1. tri-an_design1's post in Separate Schedules For Each Unit Of A Multi Apartment Bldg. was marked as the answer   
    Hi Everyone,
    After reviewing all the responses to my question, I have altered my design to what Kevin Moquin suggested by placing a prefix on the tag of the component like the cabinets for creating the cabinet schedule. It works for now on this project. But like most members suggested, it should be separate schedules for each room that is what I was really looking for.
    I am sending a suggestion directly to Chief Architect for their programmers to look into situations like this for any future updates (if this is possible). If the program is created to doing both residential and light commercial projects, it would be best to separate each unit instead of combining all as a whole in a schedule.
    Thanks again for all the comments. It was really helpful as this was my first time with a question to the forum.