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  1. KAustin

    Wrong elevations on my plan

    When I created my home plan i first imported my topo which was in .DWG format. I copied my floor plan that I had an architect create that was also in .DWG and put it to scale. I did the first floor and the second floor and gave it a foundation, retaining walls etc. The problem i have is the property is a sloped property and the second floor is actually the main floor and should be at elevation 0". When I try to make the changes to the elevations all of the floors get jumbled together and i can't get them to the right elevations. Randall_Highgate_Elevation_Mod.plan.zip
  2. KAustin

    Permit Docs Needed

    I started a design and Chief Architect X10 and got pretty far before I realized i made a mistake that I don't know the workaround for. Looking for some help do get these docs completed or takeover for me. In Northern California. Ive attached the plan file let me know if your interested. Keep in mind last time I did this a fictional company from India tried to scam me into sending them money. Randall_Highgate_Elevation_Mod.plan.zip
  3. KAustin

    Combine, merge and/or importing multiple CA drawings

    I have stripped my plan to just roof and walls. I have done an edit all floors but I don't know how to do the copy command?
  4. KAustin

    Construction Docs needed

    I created my 3D design and need construction docs created from it. Located in Northern California (El Cerrito)
  5. KAustin

    Floor Joists VS. Floor Trusses

    Yeah I can't get this one to play for some reason
  6. KAustin

    Floor Joists VS. Floor Trusses

    You guys should make a youtube video
  7. KAustin

    Drainage Plan

    Anyone have a copy of a drainage plan they have created?
  8. KAustin

    Construction Docs Development

    I love you plan. My city requires a drainage plan as well. Do you have an example of one you created?